All Companies


  • 3M Peltor

    Military Hearing Protection and Communication Systems






  • Ear-O-Tec

    Shooting Plugs and Varicom Communications


    Efficient Toilets with Waste Combustion Systems and Rapid Hygiene Shelters for Remote Applications

  • Ecolog

    Life Support Services: Construction, Mobile Infrastructure, Operations and Maintenance, Logistics Support, Environmental Services


    Radiation Measurement Instruments

  • EDGE Group

    Advanced Technological Solutions for the Defence Industry


    Emergency Egress Lighting Systems and LED Lighting Solutions

  • EID

    Tactical Field Communication Systems, Combat Net Radios and Accessories


    Bulletproof Vests, Ballistic Helmets, Bomb Blankets and Armour Inserts


    Military Power Supplies, Chargers, Inverters and Converters

  • em.tronic

    Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Detection for Light Armoured Vehicles and Stand-Alone Protection

  • Epica Solutions

    Supply Management, Consultancy Services, Item Cataloguing and Nato Codification

  • EpiGuard

    Medical Isolation and Transportation Units for the Defence Industry

  • ES-KO

    Integrated Logistical Support Services Worldwide

  • ESG

    Command, Control and Information Systems

  • eSim Games

    Virtual Simulations for Tactical and Crew Procedure Training

  • ESTechnologies

    Sustainable Hybrid Off-Grid Power Plants for Military Compounds


    Ballistic and IED Protected Armoured Vehicles

  • Eurolinks

    Metallic Ammunition Links for Belting Small and Medium Calibre

  • Euroquartz

    Quartz Crystals and Clock Oscillators for Military Radio Equipment

  • Exavision SAS

    Monitoring and Surveillance Systems, Covert Sensors and Targeting Cameras


    Weapon Systems Technology for Defence and Security Forces

  • Extraspace

    Rapid-Deployment Flatpack Buildings, Bullet Proof Portable Sentry Boxes and Safe Havens







  • K&L Microwave

    Radio-Frequency / Microwave Filters and Assemblies for Military Programmes

  • Kaercher Futuretech

    Field Camp Systems, Water Supply Systems, Mobile Catering Systems and CBRN Protection Systems

  • Kejo

    EOD and IEDD Protective Equipment

  • Kinetics

    NBC / CBRN Systems, and HVAC and Cooling Equipment

  • Kinetics

    Auxiliary Power Units (APU) Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), NBC/CBRN Systems

  • Kinetics

    Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition, Environmental Control Units and Cabin Cooling Systems

  • Kitron

    Military Avionics, Military Communications and Weapon Control Systems

  • Klinge

    Refrigerated ISO Containers and Dual Reefer Containers for the Military Industry

  • Kontron

    Rugged Embedded Computers for Defense and Aerospace





  • Observis

    Monitoring and Control Solutions for the Defence Industry


    Advanced Observation Solutions for Military Applications

  • Ocean Software

    Software Solutions to Improve Safety and Efficiency in Military Operations

  • ODU

    Uncompromising Quality Robust and Reliable Connector Systems for Every Deployment Situation

  • OKO Global

    Military-grade Tyre Sealants for Defence Vehicles

  • OMAR

    Mobile Field Hospitals and Helicopter Ground Support Equipment

  • OMP Engineering

    Self-contained Mobile Life Support Systems for the Armed Forces

  • Optex Systems

    Vision sights, Periscopes, and Fire Control Systems for Armored Vehicle Platforms


    Onboard Optical Equipment for Military Vehicles

  • Orbital Systems

    Ground Station Antenna Positioners and Antenna Systems for the Defence Industry

  • OSG-Armor

    Bullet Resistant transparencies, Forced Entry and Blast Resistant glass

  • Otokar

    Tactical Vehicle Configurations for the Defence Industry

  • OWR

    NBC Protection, NBC Detection and Decontamination Systems

  • Ozturk

    Manufacturer of Container Systems for the Military


  • Palbam

    Custom Fuel Tanks and Components for Armoured Fighting Vehicles

  • Palbam

    Guided Missile and Rocket Components, HPUs, Tubes and Launchers

  • Paradigm

    Military Hardened Navigation and Satellite Communications

  • PCB Piezotronics

    Piezoelectric Quartz Sensors, Accelerometers and Electronics for the Defence Industry

  • PCO SA

    Optoelectronic Devices and Laser Systems for the Defence Industry

  • PCTI

    Military Power Electronic Solutions

  • Percepto

    Computer Vision Platforms Developer

  • Photonfocus

    High-Speed Cameras and Digital Cameras for Military Applications


    Military Optics for Observation, Aiming, Fire Control Systems, and Bore Sighting

  • PIAP

    High Reliability Mobile Robots and Reconnaissance Devices

  • Piedrafita

    Defence-Class Electronic Devices, Suspension, Steering and Braking Systems, Data Acquisition Systems and Electro-Hydraulic Test Benches and Actuators

  • Pimco

    Specialist Equipment for Detecting Weapons of Mass Destruction

  • PKL

    Rapid Deployment Military Mobile Kitchens

  • Plan Safe

    Systems Safety Assurance Solutions for Military Applications

  • Plasan

    Armour Systems for Military Vehicles

  • PlastPack Defence

    M2A1 Ammunition Cases - Light Weight Ammunition Case, LWAC(R). MIL-STD, STANAG and UN approved

  • Pol-Mare

    Military Equipment Handling and Transportation Services

  • Polartherm

    Ground Support, Space and Water Heaters for Military Forces

  • Porta Kleen

    Portable Sanitation Systems for the Military Industry

  • PR Tactical

    Training Munitions and Equipment for Military and Law Enforcement

  • Proengin SA

    Chemical and Biological Particle Detectors for Military and Civilian Security

  • Pryme Group

    Fabrication, Manufacturing & Component Testing for the Defence Industry

  • Pure H2O

    Water Filtration Systems for Harsh Environments


  • Q-linea

    Biological Agent Detection and Identification Systems and Technology

  • Qnective

    Critical Infrastructure Networks and Communication Solutions for Defence Units





  • U-Project

    Field Hospital Projects for Defence Applications

  • UBS

    Special Purpose Vehicles and Equipment for Military Organisations

  • UEI

    Data Acquisition and Control Applications for Unmanned Military Vehicles

  • UID UK

    Rugged and Robust Labelling Manufacture

  • Ultra CIS

    Data Links and System Integration for Land Forces

  • UmbraGroup

    Critical Actuation Components for Defense Requirements

  • Unigraf

    Display, Video Streaming and Recording Products

  • UP Systems

    Military Electrical Equipment and Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

  • Utilis SAS

    Tactical Medical Facilities and Mobile Field Hospitals

  • UVision

    Unmanned Aerial Loitering Munitions Systems for Defence Platforms


  • Van Berkel B.V.

    High-Quality Armoured Vehicle Protection for the Defence Industry


    Composite Material Research, Development and Project Management

  • Vectronix

    Electro-Optics, Rangefinders, Image Intensifiers and Orientation Equipment

  • VirTra

    Firearms and Training Simulators for Military Agencies

  • Visio Ingenii

    Machine Visualisation, Signal Processing, Augmented Reality, Robotics and Self-Learning Systems

  • VISLINK Surveillance

    Digital Video Transmission Solutions for Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Commercial and Military Applications

  • Vitavox

    Military Loudspeakers, Microphone Communications Systems and Handsets

  • VOP CZ

    Modern Military Equipment and Systems

  • VPT, Inc.

    High-Reliability DC-DC Converters and EMI Filters for Military Applications


  • Wamore

    Precision Cargo Handling and Delivery Systems, Joint Precision Airdrop Systems (JPADS) / Parachute Release Systems, Aerial Testing and Airdrop Operations, Engineering Solutions and Support

  • Weiss Defence

    Air-conditioning System Specifically Designed For Mobility And The Defence Market

  • Wincanton

    Global Defence Logistics for Land, Sea and Air

  • Winkelmann UK

    EOD Search Equipment and Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM)

  • Wisconsin Metal Tech

    Specializes in CNC Machining of Stainless Steel Parts and Distribution of Stainless Steel Bar Products

  • WKC

    Military Swords and Ceremonial Dress Swords


  • Xplore

    Rugged Tablet PCs for Armed Forces


  • Yugoimport–SDPR

    Armaments, Defence Equipment and Technology Transfer for the Defence Sector