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Comlab is a Swiss company that specialises in planning, developing, producing and installing turnkey high-frequency radio systems.

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Comlab is a Swiss company that specialises in planning, developing, producing and installing turnkey high-frequency radio systems.

Convoy jamming system

The convoy jamming system (CJS) is a complete factory fitted system and is supplied on a turnkey basis. The key elements of the system are reactive signal generators (RSG) combined with advanced sweep generators (ASG) and highly efficient power amplifiers. With the specially adapted antenna array the Comlab convoy jamming system provides a very sophisticated approach towards applying jamming energy just where it is needed.

The system is configured and monitored via tablet PC with touch screen. Basic information such as status overview, active frequency bands and sub-system parameters is clearly visible. The system handling is simple. The built-in test equipment (BITE) detects malfunctions and alerts the operator instantly.

The CJS is powered by a managed battery system and provides an autonomy time of several hours, depending on battery type and jamming activity. During mobile missions the auxiliary alternator permanently charges the battery. When stationary the battery can be charged by use of an AC/DC converter.

Comlab's portable jamming system is easy-to-operate and portable.
The modular jamming system can suppress all unwanted wireless communications in a designated area.
The convoy jamming system is operated on a turnkey basis and by a tablet PC.

Modular jamming system

The purpose of the modular jamming system (MJS) is to suppress all unwanted wireless communication (GSM, UMTS, WLAN, Bluetooth, LTE, satellite phones) within designated areas (prisons, government buildings or industrial sites). Modular jamming systems are typically fixed installed. Depending on the size and the complexity of the object the jamming units are connected via fibre-optic links.

For each communication service a specific signal path consisting of signal generator and power amplifier is required. In this way the maximum desired modularity is ensured. Optionally a locating system is available. The MJS operator thus has the possibility to prevent unwanted calls and to locate the sited communication devices.

Portable jamming system

The portable jamming system (PJS) is a highly integrated easy-to-operate jamming system covering a broad frequency range. It is available in backpack or suitcase configuration and is powered by internal batteries.

By use of reactive signal generation and highly efficient power generation, the Comlab portable jamming system provides all available jamming energy at threat frequencies microseconds after they appear. For increasing the jamming efficiency or extending the frequency range several PJS units can be combined via AirSync. The system will be delivered ready to use. The operation principle is simple: push and forget.

The built-in integrated test equipment (BITE) monitors the present system state. Malfunctions and battery life are indicated via LEDs.

About Comlab

Comlab has more than 30 years of experience in the field of radio frequency technology. We pride ourselves on having highly trained staff that can readily advise clients on the best solution for their radio frequency needs.

Press Releases

  • COMLAB to Exhibit at IDEX Abu Dhabi 2017

    From 19-23 February Swiss-based COMLAB will once again be an exhibitor at IDEX in Abu Dhabi. IDEX is the biggest international defence exhibition and conference in the MENA region, demonstrating the latest technology across land, sea and air sectors of defence.

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