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netcon int.

Global Forwarding Solutions for Explosives and Defence Equipment

netcon int. specialises in developing international forwarding solutions for civil and military defence equipment, explosive products, and other dangerous goods.

Leerer Landstraße 72,
26603 Aurich,

netcon int. specialises in developing international forwarding solutions for civil and military defence equipment, explosive products, and other dangerous goods.

Based near the seaports of Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven in northern Germany and with partner locations in the Netherlands and Poland, netcon int. provides its global client base with first-class logistical services focusing on complete air, sea and land-based forwarding solutions.

The company is a dedicated member of special military and hazardous goods logistics networks, providing extensive services across six continents. This makes netcon int. a valuable strategic partner in the complex sector of global defence and explosives logistics.

Global forwarding solutions for military goods

Founded as a provider of international forwarding solutions for military explosives, netcon int. has established itself as a trusted counterpart for a wide range of special goods and logistical services for the defence industry. This includes:

  • Military and civil defence equipment
  • Explosives (IMO1)
  • Hazardous waste materials
  • Dangerous goods (classes 2 to 6, 8 and 9)

netcon int. specialises in providing liner / charter air and ocean freight shipments, Europe-wide trucking (EXII/EXIII, flatbeds, delivery vehicles) and rail freight solutions, as well as permit application and storage services for military goods and explosives.

The company’s operations also extend to seaworthy stowing and cargo carrier packing, customs formalities, and documentation services (IATA, IMDG, ADN, RID, and waste acts).

netcon int. is deeply structured in the European air and ocean freight business and familiar with local processing requirements of significant seaports and airports. 

Military and civil defence logistics and side services

Based on years of experience, in-depth market knowledge and an established network of qualified staff and defence industry partners, netcon int. can be trusted to provide professional and reliable logistical services for a wide range of military goods.

These include:

  • Ammunition, rockets, warheads, and detonators
  • Tanks, troop-vehicles, and radio technology equipment
  • Essential weapons and parts
  • Communication and defence systems

In addition to the military goods sector, netcon int. also provides international forwarding solutions to the civil defence market. The company cover goods such as small, medium and large calibre ammunition, grenades, small arms, rifles, shotguns, crucial weapon parts and other equipment.

netcon int. can also handle items prohibited under the German Weapons Act, including night-vision equipment, tracer ammunition, pepper-blasters, and tear-producing ammunition.

International forwarding solutions for explosives

netcon int. has extensive experience with forwarding explosive materials in the civil and defence markets, serving both sectors throughout Europe, as well as providing customers with comprehensive worldwide logistical solutions.

Examples of explosive materials netcon int. can handle include:

  • Black powder and propellants
  • Blasting agents
  • Dual-use goods
  • Explosive waste materials

The establishment of temporary or constant supply chains of explosives, dangerous goods and defence equipment through Europe is one of netcon’s core competencies.

Clients from the defence, aerospace, mining, sports and hunting sectors already benefit from the company‘s professional approach, as several thousand tons of material are efficiently transported each year.

Logistics of explosive waste and good for demilitarisation

The global transport of military, civil and industrial products for demilitarisation or disposal is complex.

netcon’s established logistics structure means the company is well-connected to the disposal market and demilitarisation services, enabling the company to provide a complete solution from the shipping to the disposal process.

netcon’s Europe-wide licences, certifications and permissions include:

  • UK section 5 permit
  • AQAP and Nato certifications
  • WSK licence (Poland)
  • German Explosives Act – §7 and §20 licence holder
  • Exceptional German Federal Criminal Police permission (BKA)
  • Certified HAZMAT-manager – ocean, air, truck, rail and inland waterways
  • Certified storage facilities
  • ADR licences (EXII and EXIII vehicles)
  • European Application of Transit Permits/ICT‘s for explosives, war weapons, civil defence sector

netcon: Defense and Explosives

With a focus on suited and complete logistical concepts and project processings between shippers and receivers door, netcon int. GmbH provides next to the logistical maincarriage by sea, land and air, a wide range of logistical side services for special and permit-related goods, at the origin or destination.

netcon int.

Leerer Landstraße 72

26603 Aurich