netcon int. is a close partner of the German and European defense industry and delivers comprehensive and reliable global forwarding solutions for a wide range of dangerous and permit related cargoes.

Under the registered trademark “Defense & Explosives” netcon is holding different certifications and permissions for the transport of explosives, dangerous goods and weapon related materials on the company operated truck-fleet, storage facilities, office staff, drivers and warehouse staff.

 Next to personal and object related certifications/permissions and trainings, as aforesaid, netcon int. is holding a general permission as per German Explosives Act as well as an exceptional permission from Federal German Crime Police for so-called forbidden goods as per Weapons Act.

 This qualifies netcon int. to store, carry, handle and process the following cargoes:

  •  civil weapons, essential parts of civil weapons, ammunition and components (rifles, pistols, barrels, shotgun ammunition, sport/hunting products, primers, different calibers of ammunition)
  • war weapons, essential parts of war weapons, ammunition and components (warheads, machine guns, rockets, tanks/fighting vehicles, artillery and components, etc.)
  • forbidden items, weapons and ammunition as per Federal German Crime Police (e.g. flashbangs, night visions, tracer ammunition, etc.)
  • explosives and pyrotechnical items (powder smokeless, TNT, black powder, cartridges for technical purpose, other propellants, etc.)
  • dangerous goods class 2-6,8,9 (chemicals, lithium batteries, etc.)