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About Us

Army-technology.com brings you up-to-date international news and features on the defence industry, covering military projects, trends, products, services and more in the army sector.

With a team of journalists around the world, army-technology.com, along with sister sites naval-technology.com and airforce-technology.com, is the only business service that focuses on the technologies required by military personnel and companies working in this important field.

When you combine this with one of the most comprehensive and detailed listings of military equipment suppliers, products and services, free white paper downloads and company press releases, you see why army-technology.com is the key point of reference for the defence industry.

From HQ commandants to technical directors, it is easy to see why army-technology.com has become a must-read for more than 250,000 people each month in the industry.

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Kable’s unique resources harness the power and potential of the internet to bring purchasers into contact with our featured suppliers and start business relationships on the road to success.

The intensive and continuous promotion of our sites to named senior personnel ensures we are the purchasing bookmark for senior management in the defence industry throughout the world.

Our advanced search engine marketing techniques bring proven results on all major search engines. These results bring targeted traffic to our sites and, from there, to our clients’ websites.

We continuously update our websites to ensure that industry professionals can rely on our international coverage of the defence industry to help them make informed decisions when specifying and procuring products and services.

Users of army-technology.com include HQ commandants, ATOC superintendents, senior systems engineers, technical directors, communication chiefs, lead engineers and more from a wide variety of organisations including the US Army, the British Army, NATO, the United Nations as well as land defence, and aerospace developers and manufacturers.

The suppliers featured on the army technology site regularly receive business enquiries through their profiles. Here are a few examples detailing the users who have recently used army-technology.com to source their products and services.

Company Job Title
KBR (UK) Lead Telecoms Engineer
Thales Air Defence Quality Assurance Manager
BAE Systems Procurement Manager
KBR Services Inc Construction Superintendent>
US Army TACOM Logistics Management Specialist
Finnish Defence Forces R&D Officer
US Army Combat Medic
US Army HQ National Police Transition Team Contracting, Supply and Budget Officer
USAF Deployments Manager
Renault Trucks Senior Buyer
General Dynamics UK Lead Engineer
Swedish Armed Forces EOD Officer
Lockheed Martin Canada Project Leader EW Systems
Dyncorp International Camp Manager
Harris Corporation Principal Systems Engineer
Netherlands MoD Project Leader – Engineered Systems
Turkish Army Director, Air Defence Battle Laboratory
US Department of Defense Government Purchase Card Holder
Northrop Grumman Chief Engineer
US Army Communications NCO
MoD UK Project Manager
US Navy Maintenance Chief
US Army HQ Commandant
CENTCOM Logistics Manager
Maine Air National Guard Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Superintendent
US Army Communications Master Sergeant
British Army Chemical Operations Specialist
US Air Force ATOC Superintendent
US Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant
574th Supply Company US Army Maintenance Chief
101st Airborne Division Royal Airforce Command Sergeant Major
842nd Signal Company US Army Commander
BAE Systems Land & Armaments Division M113 Project Manager
US Army Mobilisation Manager
Raytheon Missile Systems Senior Systems Engineer
US Army Procurement Officer
L-3 Communications Field Operations Manager
Médecins Sans Frontières Surgeon Medical Department
General Dynamics UK Ltd Commercial Manager
NATO Supply Officer
General Dynamics Land Systems Survivability Systems Engineer
Australian Army SO2 Projects
KBR Director of Engineering
KBR Services Purchasing Supervisor
United Nations Office for Project Services Emergency Coordinator
Raytheon Missile Systems Senior Logistics Specialist
United Nations Supply Unit Supervisor
Raytheon Missile Systems Principal Engineer
Raytheon Missile Systems Head Buyer
BAE Systems Systems Engineer
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Senior Systems Engineer
Australian Defence Materiel Organisation PL Human Factors LAND 125
Royal Air Force Chief Technician
US Army ATC Platoon Sergeant
NZ Army Project Maintenance Engineer
US Army Platoon Leader
Aegis Defence Services Purchasing Officer
Armscor Project Manager
DynCorp International LLC Manager Subcontracts
Naval Surface Warfare Center Warheads Branch
US Coast Guard Technical Director CBRNE Programmes
Ultra Electronics Ltd Chief Systems Engineer
US Embassy Baghdad Deputy Regiment Security Officer
US Army TACOM Mechanical Engineer
US Army Research Laboratory Research & Development NCOIC
US Army Pacific Command Communication Chief
Lockheed Martin Manufacturing Supervisor
US Army Industrial Operations Command Lead Engineer – Production Base
US Air Force Communications Security
US Army Pacific Command Communication Chief
US Army CECOM Non-ionising Radiation Safety Engineer
US Army Corps of Engineers Mosul Iraq Contract Specialist
Canadian DND Combat Engineer
DYNCORP International NBC Defence Coordinator
Royal Danish Navy EOD Service Command – RDN EOD Service
TACOM-SBC Equipment Specialist

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More Information

“The Dantherm Mobile Heating & Cooling department has been with the Army Technology portal over a period of 10 years. In this period we have experienced a steady flow of leads and contacts initiating the dialogue with us based on our presence on the portal. In close cooperation with the team behind the portal we have developed, maintained and optimized our profile and the usage of the services around it. The strong on-line optimization efforts have been a major advantage when comparing visibility and visits with the portal and our own websites for Mobile Heating & Cooling. We have one over shadowing reason for staying on board and that is the high quality leads we are getting. We believe this is also to be credited the support, follow-up and dedicated assistance we are getting from the team behind the portal.”

Marketing Manager
Dantherm A/S

“We are very pleased with the service Army Technology provides. Potential customers are able to cut through the internet clutter, and find our information right away. I would encourage any company with a product or service of interest to the defense community, to consider listing with your site.”

Armour Products Manager
Heflin Steel Division of the ESCO Corp.

“Kvaerner Eureka is a Norwegian Company within the Defence area. Our Customers are located all over the World. In order to reach the international market with our services and products in a cost-effective manner we are, among other things, using Army Technology. Our experience so far is very good. We have received enquiries from existing customers as well as potential customers. Our advertising at the Army Technology website is a part of our advertising strategy, and as long as it is beneficial for our company we will continue to use the websites.”

Kvaerner Eureka

“OWR is the leading specialist in NBC protection, detection and decontamination. Since OWR’s founding in the late 40’s we have supplied safety equipment, special vehicles and decontamination systems to the military and civil defence worldwide. Working with kable has been a substantial part of our online marketing strategy. With Kable’s worldwide reach we have increased business with existing and new customers. The NBC equipment section is a good reflection of the industry, something no other website has yet provided. We are looking forward to continuing our business with kable in not only increasing business, but also awareness of OWR within the NBC field.”


army-technology.com provides Gichner Shelter Systems with high quality exposure to our existing and potential customers. Our participation in the web site is a significant part of our online marketing strategy and directly supports our own internet activities. We get solid, well qualified referrals which are helping fuel our growth in the worldwide tactical and logistical shelter market. army-technology.com is also helping us increase our brand recognition outside our core market area and has proven to be a valuable sales and marketing tool.”

Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Gichner Shelter Systems

“Global Armour has been working with Army Technology for over two years and have found their site to be an invaluable part of our marketing strategy. We have gained new agents through their web site and also won our largest single order from a direct enquiry generated by Army Technology.”

Chief Executive Officer
Global Armour SA (Pty) Ltd

“As a result of the investment we have made in this opportunity we have had a number of UK MoD enquiries,one of which has resulted in a potential order. The web site has been a very good way of getting our name and cooperate information in front of many influential people within the UK MoD as well as associated defence companies.”

UK Sales Manager
Hutchinson – Rodgard

“We at Dorce Prefabricated Building and Construction Ind. Trade Inc. are very pleased with the service Army Technology provides. We have received so many enquiries from customers and it has also helped us increase our brand recognition outside our core market area.”

Business Development Representative
DORCE Prefabricated Building and Const.

“This is the second year of Theon Sensors of subscription to the army-technology site. We are satisfied with our membership to the site. According to my opinion some of the unique benefits are given below:

  • Ability to include cross-links of our products with the main project/product (eg. link our night driver’s viewer with the Leopard 2 main battle tank)
  • Ability to post press releases
  • Ability to trace the users who download our product brochures

In general the site has been very useful tool to promote our products and to establish representatives for our products in other countries.”

Commercial Director
Theon Sensors S.A.

“The Army, Navy, Air Force and Aerospace technology profiles are extremely helpful in researching the Defense Industry, domestic and international. When searching for information on defense products or suppliers the pages rank very highly within search engines, making them easy to find. Overall this is a great tool for researching for competition or potential collaboration.”

Lockheed Martin

“Army Technology has really helped our drive in spreading the word across the defence market. A great tool which is leading to vehicles being sold throughout the year.”

International sales and marketing manager
Streit Manufacturing Inc

Can you provide an itemized price quote for a light kit to illuminate 150 ft antenna? I am a Defense Contractor working for the US Government in Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. One of my US Army customers purchased the 150 ft tower last year. I have been tasked to erect the antenna on an active air field, and make the AM Radio station work. However, the antenna does not have any red safety lights on it.

I need to modify the antenna with a light kit. I need a pair of lights at 50 ft a pair, at 100ft and one on the top at 150 ft. Each light point must be a two lamp configuration. So I need 6 each red warning lights and enough hard ware, electrical cable and electrical tubing to hold the electrical cable on to the aluminum antenna. I will also need a portable (gas or diesel) electrical generator to power the light kit. The generator will sit 150 lineal feet away from the antenna tower. The antenna is a triangular shaped tubular aluminum construction that is 150 ft tall.

6 each red warning light fixtures
150 ft of electrical tubing
300 ft of electrical cable
1 portable electrical generator
Appropriate hardware

I am interested in purchasing several (10-20) Tactical Tables as well as 1-2 R TOC2100ST. Could you please send quotes as well as the possible shipping charges to Boulder, Colorado 80304.

I am a project engineer in the armaments department of the XXXXXXXXXX. We are responsible for the acquisition of ammunitions for the XXXXXXXXX Armed Forces. In addition, we are also looking at how to better streamline the packaging processes of the ammunitions. Would appreciate if you could provide more information regarding your Spacecase Modular Military Storage Containers.

I wish to discuss the product range of ACTROS and G-wagon.

I am emailing you about an MKII sight of yours. They were working fine, but one day they just stopped working. My question is where do we get maintenance done on these sights, or is it applicable for you to send us a replacement set, and we send you back the faulty pair, or do we just send our set in for repir. We are in desperate need of this item as we fight the Global War On Terrorism. Could you please email me back at XXXXXXXXX@XXXXX.XXX. Thanks.

We have some of these Alpha 6 devices in use in here, but we’d like to make sure how, when and where to take care of the proper maintenance and calibration etc.
Can you supply me this valuable information and also attach an offer of at least two new Alpha 6 devices we are authorized to buy at this moment.

Thank you for your cooperation !

We are in need of service and parts manuals for one of your systems with a listed NSN on the data plate of XXXXXXXXXXX. There are two identical generators on this trailer and they have Izuzu engines model number XXXXXXX. We would appreciate any assistance you can give us. I am located on XXXXXXXXXX, Iraq. If you have a point of contact here I can be reached at XXXXXXXXX. Thanks. My mailing address is below.

Looking for specification on the XXXXXXX. (Structual Data) (Compression Strength) (Tubular Steel) etc. We now have some of your products being used overseas and require to make modifications to them for our troops safety. But we do not want to have the building collapse because of the modifications that maybe done to it.

what is your price on your ballistic eyewear. It seems you had all the information, except price. WE are needing a minimum of twenty pair for a platoon in Afghanistan. Please let us know the best price you could do for us.

I am currenly working on the feasibility of providing armour protection to a guided missile package with a view to reducing the Insensitive Muntion signature of the munition. I am specifically looking at what reduction in bullet/fragment impact veloctiy can be expected from different thickess of armour and what the weight impact of introducing these various levels of armour might be. Can you please ask someone from your technical teram to get in touch with me?

We are interested in UGV for survaillance and recognition operations for Italian Special Forces.

You are kindly requested to quote your best and final price for the item detailed below:

Item: Body Armour
Qty: 1600 Sets
Destination: CIF, Aqaba port – Jordan
Delivery should be within 6 weeks after confirmation.

We are looking for new sources of munitions which are not manufactured by our Group. Please advise if you will quote against our RFQs.

Areas are artillery ammunition and fuzes, some small arms ammunition and demolition stores and accessories.

One of our customers is looking for: 2815-01-233-9709 Crank Shaft (5ea) for M60 Tanks. Is it posible for you to provide quotation for this item?

*********** intends to produce armour personnel carrier vehicles. For this, we require armour steel plates.

If you can supply us we can send you the specifications and thickness for your quotation.


Please provide price and availability for the following:

4.62 x 51mm Cartridge (finished)
Quantity: 4,500 ea

For a military application project we are interested in Electric Winch Driven Mast to meet the attached spec.

Annual quantity: up to 1,000 units

Please advise/quote your best solution and provide detailed data sheet. If you need further information please let me know.

Where can I purchase your helmets in the US? I am in the US Army.