With our international supply chain management solutions, we offer our clients the entire portfolio and logistical know–how of our comprehensive logistics services in the field of dangerous, sensitive, and permit-related goods.

For the planning and implementation of a so-called supply chain, we discuss the requirements and wishes of our customers in detail personally and convert these import and export sided into a door to door solution that is precisely tailored to our client’s requirements.

netcon int GmbH offers its clients inner-European solutions by rail or road as well as multimodal solutions via sea and air on an international basis. Depending on the variety, volume, danger or urgency of your cargo, our services can also be combined so that we can move part of your overseas cargo by seagoing vessel and another part by air freight.

Based on our yearslong experience in dealing with explosives, pyrotechnics, ammunition, and other dangerous cargoes that require approval, we know exactly what is important in the international movement of these special cargoes and what difficulties many shippers and consignees are facing.

In addition, to maintain competitive rates and trustworthy interaction, we pay great attention to maintain high-quality services and thus avoid unnecessary extra costs, for example, due to damage to the cargo, delays due to missing permits or incorrect declaration of goods, unnecessary storage times or similar scenarios.

Key Competencies

  • internationale ADR overland-traffic – full- and part-load
  • ADN inland-waterway and RID rail-traffic
  • Europe wide pre- and on-carriage solutions by street and rail
  • international IMDG ocean freight solutions – FCL / LCL
  • IATA airfreight solutions by charter and liner aircraft
  • seaworthy stowing and securing of container
  • ADR-/RID-/IATA- and ADN compliant packaging of dangerous goods
  • storage of explosives and dangerous goods
  • import-, export-, transit customs clearance
  • Europe wide applications of transit permits
  • permits as per War Weapons Act, Weapons Act, Explosives Act
  • qualified disposal of harmless and dangerous waste products
  • Europe wide distribution services
  • express- and just-in-time deliveries


  • chemicals for various industrial areas
  • civil/military ammunition and defense systems
  • explosives and pyrotechnics (e.g. propellant)
  • weapons, essential parts of weapons and equipment
  • batteries – end-of-life, waste and critical damaged batteries
  • equipment for European special-forces (e.g. smoke-/flash-grenades)
  • airbags, belt-tensioner and automotive safety-systems
  • harmless and hazardous waste products