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Solar and Wind Power Water Purification and Desalination Systems


Swiss-based company TRUNZ WATER SYSTEMS has developed and now manufactures and distributes a sustainable and cost-effective solution for water purification and desalination: a complete and ready-to-operate unit which is mobile and independent – thanks to renewable energy.

Solar and wind-powered water treatment and desalination systems

Trunz’s innovative and environmentally friendly technology produces clean drinking water from polluted water and saltwater using solar and / or wind energy. An ultrafiltration membrane or a reverse osmosis system (for sea or brackish water) removes all virus and bacteria (and salts) without requiring toxic chemical treatment.

Compact and mobile water purification systems

Trunz Water Systems’ purifiers can be powered by wind or solar power, making them indispensible in areas with little or no electricity.
Trunz purification systems’ power sources can also be used to charge small electrical items such as phones or radios.
Trunz’s water trailer can be set up and activated in a matter of minutes to purify brackish or contaminated water.
Trunz’s container-solution for clean drinking water is specially designed to work under the harshest conditions.

The Trunz Water Systems are compact, mobile and work without ongoing fuel costs. If necessary, the units can be mounted on a trailer or four-wheel-drive and easily relocated. The systems are complete with a borehole pump, solar racks as well as a wind generator, and are ready for installation. All of the Trunz Water Systems require minimal maintenance – they are equipped with an automatic back-flushing system to keep maintenance and service costs as low as possible. The capacity depends on the raw water quality and ranges from 7,000 to 24.000l a day. Additionally, the company provides engineering and manufacturing of tailor-made, containerised solutions for higher capacities.

Ideal for disaster relief or military camps

Designed to provide relief to communities and camps affected by a lack of power supply and safe drinking water, the Trunz Water Systems can purify water from almost any polluted freshwater source, including rivers, creeks, and wells. Moreover, some of the Trunz Water Systems which are equipped with a reverse osmosis system are able to remove chemicals and salt. A main benefit of the systems is their exceptionally low energy consumption and thanks to the wind turbine the units deliver additional electricity to power computers or recharge small appliances. Trunz Water Systems provide also additional equipment such as monitoring systems, stand-alone energy supplies etc. to name but a few.

This is especially useful for military camps in remote areas where medical clinics need oxygen, sterilization or surgical equipment or refrigeration of medicines, or for disaster relief for the first supply.

Drinking-water production trailer

No infrastructure, no electricity, no drinking water? No problem. Thanks to its operation by renewable energy, the Trunz unit works completely independent from any energy source. Solar panels and / or a wind generator provide enough power to operate the unit. Incoming energy is stored in batteries and if required, all extra energy can be used to charge other devices. In case of bad weather conditions, the system is equipped with a generator.

The Trunz Water Trailer purifies water in two stages: an automatic back flushing pre-filtration system removes larger particles. In a second stage, an exceptional energy efficient reverse osmosis system removes contamination such as virus, bacteria as well as dissolved solids (i.e. salt). The proprietary “Pearson” energy recovery pump allows high energy savings in comparison to other available solutions on the market.
The system is complete and ready to operate. There is no further equipment necessary and taking into operation takes a few minutes only. The unit is specially designed to work under the harshest conditions. Trunz Water Systems is committed to use high-quality components in order to reduce maintenance requirements down to a minimum.

Container solution for drinking water

Trunz Water Systems latest product development is a mobile and independent container solution for disaster relief and remote communities providing clean drinking water in quantities of 3 – 5 m³/h.

Thanks to the complete design, the container can be commissioned without complex or time-consuming assembling/disassembling and the unit can be taken into operation within minutes. Thanks to operation by solar power, no infrastructure or energy source is required.

A highly energy efficient reverse osmosis (RO) system for brackish or seawater or ultrafiltration membranes for freshwater remove contamination such as virus and bacteria as well as salt or dissolved solids (RO system) without requiring chemical treatment.

The isolated container housing protects all components from dirt and dust. The container has been designed for the harshest desert conditions with all of the equipment installed in a sealed, lockable and secure container that is air conditioned (optional) to protect the water treatment system and electronic controls. It has been tested under harsh conditions in a field study sience 2009 in the Al-Alin desert near Abu Dhabi.

About Trunz Water Systems

The company is based in Switzerland and belongs to the Trunz Group which manufactures the units in Steinach, Switzerland. With a production area of 18’000 m² and modern, high-tech equipment, the ISO certified company guarantees highly professional competence and Swiss quality.

Up to now, over 400 Trunz Water Systems are already operating in more than 30 countries all over the world.

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