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Manufacturer of High-Performance Military Vehicles and Products

Defenture is a manufacturer of light vehicles and specialist products for military and law enforcement applications.

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Defenture is a manufacturer of light vehicles and specialist products for military and law enforcement deployment.

Defenture vehicles are built to be mission winning assets, featuring an innovative design, strong lightweight construction techniques and cutting edge driving characteristics. All our products are designed according to the latest military and engineering standards.

The Defenture Modular Design Principle (DMDP) focusses heavily on standardisation, meaning the company can offer tailored vehicle solutions based on its own scalable modular platforms.

Military vehicles for ground force mobility

The GRF 5.12 platform features a strong central spine chassis, enabling Defenture’s Ground Force Vehicle to take advantage of the highest level of military mobility.

The GRF 5.12 platform enables Defenture to advance military mobility to the highest level with its ground force vehicle.
The ATTV optimises performance and durability through its corrosion-resistant bodywork, modular ballistic protection, and stainless-steel central chassis.
Defenture’s facilities and processes are recognised across a wide range of production certifications, including ISO 9001-2015 and AQAP 2110.
The Scorpion 6.6 Tactical Army Diesel Quad is a high-performance 4x4 vehicle featuring four-wheel steering and an industry-leading suspension system.
The Ringmount turret has been designed and developed with the input of special forces and is compatible with various soft-mounts including .50 (12.7mm), 7.62mm and automatic grenade launchers (AGLs).

With a lightweight yet powerful design and impressive off-road characteristics, our Ground Force Vehicle has a large operational payload and the DMDP technique means the base platform can be configured into several bodywork types.

Air transportable tactical vehicle for combat patrolling and mobile operations

Defenture’s flagship product is the Air Transportable Combat Vehicle (ATTV), which is based on its cutting edge GRF 5.12 chassis platform.

The AATV is designed, developed and tested in conjunction with the Dutch Armed Forces, and a specific variant of the vehicle is now in service with the country’s military under the designation ‘VECTOR’.

The vehicle features corrosion-resistant bodywork, a stainless-steel central chassis, powerful engine and optional four-wheel steering. This enables the ATTV to combine durability and high operational payload with dynamic mobility and a low vehicle weight when fully equipped, making it an ideal choice for combat patrolling, air mobile operations, as well as specialist interdiction missions.

Tactical quad transport for troops

Defenture’s Scorpion 6.6 Diesel Quad enhances manoeuvrability, agility and safety and is designed for the high-demand military one fuel policy.

The tactical army quad vehicle has a powerful diesel 4×4 driveline and a state-of-the-art suspension system. Its four-wheel steering system creates a new benchmark for tactical air transportable quads. Scorpion 6.6’s standard configuration can be upgraded with various options to meet user requirements.

Research and development for combat transport

Research and development is at the core of Defenture’s operations. It is what enables us to create cutting-edge designs and produce some of the best combat mobility platforms on the market.

Defenture knows that the best equipment at the right time can be the difference between success and failure in the global security environment. Our vehicles can help to ensure missions go as planned.

Production facilities that meet Nato military standards

Defenture is a process driven organisation and its facilities, processes and products are ISO 9001-2015 and AQAP 2110 certified. The company’s operations meet international and Nato military standards (NEN, DIN, AECTP, STANAG), as well as quality control assurances for design, development and production.

Our production and testing facilities are equipped with the processes, technology, and engineering knowledge required that is required to manufacture top-of-the-range products.

Defenture is based in the Netherlands and is made up of a wide range of professionals with extensive knowledge of the automotive and defence industries. We maintain a key focus on innovation, design, mobility and safety, and our clients’ individual requirements are always prioritised.


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