Camel, a small, woman-owned, HUBZone-certified business, is both a large-scale manufacturer and an innovative leader in the design of soft shelters and related military products for US Department of Defense customers. Camel’s product line includes tent frame / pole support systems, insulated tent liners, light systems, map boards, power distribution boxes and solar protection systems.

Lightweight maintenance enclosure

The Lightweight Maintenance Enclosure (LME) is a frame-supported lightweight shelter designed to provide military units with a covered facility to conduct maintenance of tactical vehicles and equipment. The end walls have been modified with sliding fabric doors permitting total enclosure during conditions of extreme weather or blackout. The US Army and US Marine Corps have adopted the LME as their standard maintenance shelter.

Modular general purpose tent system

The Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS) serves as a billeting, command and control, unit supply and field services shelter. The modular design consists of one type end and intermediate sections, one type end pole and one type internal arch. The system is 18ft wide and can be extended indefinitely by adding 18ft intermediate sections.

Extreme weather liner

The Camel Extreme Weather Liner is fabricated from 3M™ Thinsulate™ FR-SH 250 gram insulation. The insulated liners are designed to assist field heaters and air conditioners at maintaining specific temperature ranges inside military shelters during operational use, reducing fuel consumption by an estimated 30%-40%. Added benefits include the liners’ ability to reduce the logistical footprint of FOB camps and to boost shelters’ flame resistance factor.

Camel Manufacturing produces soft shelters and related military equipment for US Department of Defense customers.
The Lightweight Maintenance Enclosure has been designed to provide protection against extreme conditions and harsh weather for military personnel conducting maintenance tasks.
Camel's Solar Shade System can protect supplies, munition, vehicles and troops from severe sun exposure.
Our insulated liners assist field heaters and air conditioners to maintain specific temperature ranges inside military shelters.

Camel provides insulated liner kits for a variety of military specification and COTS shelter systems. We can manufacture liner kits to your engineering drawings, or reverse engineer parts supplied to fit your shelter.

Solar shade system

The Solar Shade System is designed to provide solar protection for food stocks, supplies, munitions, vehicles and equipment. In addition, the structure is used to provide field commanders and troops conducting temperature sensitive operations protection from severe solar exposure in hot climates. The cover is constructed from lightweight, open weave material designed to reduce solar effects by at least 60%.

The Solar Shade System is available in two types, both designed to interconnect with other shades of the same type to shelter larger areas.

Military testing

The Camel MGPTS and LME have successfully completed military durability, snow and wind loads performed by the US Army Aberdeen test center.

The Extreme Weather Liner has been tested and evaluated through US Army Net Zero Plus and US Army Greenland Arctic Outpost.

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Federal government customers can purchase Camel products and accessories through GSA Advantage. For a full list of Camel products available through GSA, visit their website and search contract #GS-03F-0120X.

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