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DefenCell Ballistic Protection, Hostile Vehicle and Blast Mitigation, Shooting Ranges

DefenCell is a range of products designed and manufactured to provide protection for personnel, equipment and infrastructure against a wide selection of threats in the security, defence, flood and environmental sectors.

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DefenCell is a range of products designed and manufactured to provide protection for personnel, equipment and infrastructure against a wide selection of threats in the security, defence, flood and environmental sectors.

There are three main product groups in the DefenCell portfolio. These are:

  • DefenCell Barriers, non-metallic cellular (Ballistic, Blast, HVM, UXO and Flood Protection),
  • DefenCell MAC, welded mesh gabions (Ballistic, Blast, HVM and Flood Protection).
  • DefenCell Profile, non-metallic cellular (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Barriers, Berms)

A number of other complementary protection products are also available.

Durable barriers to provide protection to personnel

The DefenCell Barrier is the product of years of investment in research, development, and testing to create one of the most efficient and flexible expeditionary protection systems available.

DefenCell Barriers
DefenCell Profile
DefenCell Mac
DefenCell Shooting Ranges
DefenCell Unexploded Ordnance
Flood Barriers
Civil Protection

A well-proven cellular construction, combined with the tough geotextile material, makes DefenCell a rugged but lightweight and dense solution that is easily filled to provide protection to personnel and infrastructure from a wide range of threats.

DefenCell is used to protect troops in extreme and often remote operational environments, making it particularly useful for deployment in military and security applications. Utilising the small logistical burden of DefenCell’s lightweight and compact packaging, uses include protective walls, perimeter security, entry control points, ranges, and training operations.

DefenCell Profile for Perimeter Security, Systems and Fences

DefenCell Profile is our cellular Hostile Vehicle Mitigation barrier, developed with advice from the UK Home Office, extensively tested and approved by CPNI (Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure) in the UK and the Dept of State in the USA. It is the only CPNI approved geotextile barrier available and has been specified on many past, current and future security projects.

The growing threat from Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED) and Hostile Vehicles has led to a requirement for reliable protection systems to maintain maximum stand-off distance, as well as blast mitigation in the event of an attack. DefenCell has been successfully tested against both VBIED and HVM and the cellular design has been shown to dissipate energy along the length of the barrier very effectively.

DefenCell Profile was created to provide perimeter security, as well as boost existing security systems and fences and supplying structural integrity to long perimeter barriers. DefenCell can be manufactured to virtually any height and profiled to provide protection against specific threats. The Profile system has been successfully tested to UK PAS 68 Hostile Vehicle Protection standards and two standard versions are available to suit different threat levels. The ability of the Profile to retain the suspect vehicle within the structure blocks a secondary attack.

Protective welded mesh metal gabions for ballistic protection

DefenCell MAC® is our range of protective welded mesh metal gabions lined with geotextile and supplied in several standard sizes. It is known in the US as the Expeditionary Barrier System (EBS).

The EBS is available under long-term contracts with US DOD and Nato procurement agencies and has been supplied to many other military forces, security services and NGO’s. DefenCell MAC® is created using the finest materials tested by the world’s leading manufacturer of gabion structures, Maccaferri.

DefenCell shooting range projects

Recent DefenCell shooting range projects in the USA, UK, France, Africa, and South America emphasise the excellent value and versatility of the products.

The Africa and South America ranges were both designed by Government authorities  specifying DefenCell products. DefenCell has been approved by, and appears in the range design handbooks of, the National Rifle Associations in the UK and USA.

UXO (Unexploded Ordnance)

Tested and certified for explosive containment, DefenCell has been approved by the prestigious US Dept of Defense Explosives Safety Board (DDESB). The requirements in the US for unexploded ordnance disposal are well documented as traditional ranges and training areas in US, Hawaii and other overseas locations are opened to public access and need to be cleared of old ordnance. This is usually done by certified civilian contractors.

Ongoing engagement by DefenCell experts with DDESB in USA and the NATO EOD Centre of Excellence in Slovak Republic maintain our solutions in the forefront.

NGO’s and civil contractors

DefenCell Barriers have been widely deployed by the various NGO in Somalia, S Sudan, Chad, Mali and DRC as well as several other global locations. The lightweight and portability of the Barriers lends itself to remote and austere locations while the MAC is used consistently to build perimeter security as well as bunkers, observation posts, compartmentalisation and fuel & ammunition storage protection.

Flood and civil protection

DefenCell T2 Barrier and DefenCell MAC FE 3 (Flood & Emergency)  have both been successfully tested by ERDC and offer a lightweight and proven solutions to flood, coastal erosion and critical infrastructure protection.

Physical protection of critical infrastructure. The DefenCell Profile product range is ideal for both overt and discreet requirements.  The products have been extensively trialled and tested to protect against specified threats including vehicles, IEDs, and holds internationally recognised certification (such as PAS68).

Proven customers include power stations, fuel farms, airports, border and immigration posts, police stations as well as oil and gas installations.

Testing and support

DefenCell products have been extensively and successfully tested during development against ballistic threats (small arms to rockets), blast mitigation, speeding vehicles, UXO (unexploded ordnance) and as flood barriers (both operationally and in laboratory conditions). An ongoing programme of further testing is part of the continued development of DefenCell products.

Technical and sales support is provided by experienced engineers with design and on-site installation advice supported by practical training and concise construction manuals and videos.

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