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Custom Automobile Lighting and Accessories for Military Vehicles

For more than 30 years, Nolden Cars & Concepts has developed and distributed high-quality and innovation automobile accessories.


nolden cars and concepts

Nolden Cars & Concepts has developed and distributed high-quality and innovative automobile accessories for more than 30 years.

The company’s main target industries are manufacturers of automobiles, motorbikes, buses, trucks, and special vehicles, as well as wholesale trade, and specific military and police agencies.

High and low-beam headlights for military vehicles

The NCC© 70mm IR Bi-LED headlight is the newest development in Nolden Cars & Concepts’ versatile portfolio. The LED combines low-beam and high-beam lighting in a compact and rugged housing.

Nolden Cars & Concepts offers robust vehicle lighting solutions, such as the ATV / QUAD with 70mm IR light and the 70mm LED high-beam.
Durable, secure lighting is provided by a masked headlamp, which is designed for the Mercedes G-Modell vehicle.
Nolden’s infrared (IR) LED high-beam with 850nm delivers broad lighting and night vision.
The mobile work-light 115-4500 with a battery pack is an ideal portable, powerful lamp.
The 115-4500 work-light is available with a military-specification battery pack.
Nolden’s Land Rover Defender consists of a mobile LED work-light 115-4500 and magnet installation.
The company provides a special military vehicle with an NCC 90mm LED low and high-beam.

Due to its special optic system that does not rely on expensive IR-filters, Nolden Cars & Concepts’ low-beam headlight is undetectable to the human eye during typical operational conditions. The sharp light / dark boundary to the upper area also obviates dazzle to vehicles ahead in a convoy.

The 940 nanometer (nm) wavelength significantly reduces the signature of the headlight with first-generation night vision devices, and lowers its signature with smartphones, tablets and digital cameras.

A 850nm wavelength version is also available, which Nolden recommends for use in combination with second-generation night vision devices. For third-generation night-vision products, the 940nm illumination is ideal due to its greatly reduced signature.

Cost-effective, rugged military headlights

Combining well-proven components from automotive serial production with the latest LED technology, and without costly filter equipment, Nolden created this high-quality, high-performance and cost-effective headlight.

The NCC© 70mm IR Mono headlight’s origins stem from military-standard requirements.

The target was to develop a high-performance, compact, reliable and economical unit for police, security agencies and maritime applications, as well as hunters. By integrating the majority of existing components from the company’s automotive products with high-end military technology, this target has been achieved. The 850nm LED is compatible with all generations of night-vision systems.

Powerful and compact spot and floodlight LED

Nolden Cars & Concepts’ very compact 30mm Moni IR LED light has a powerful and homogenous illumination that can be adjusted from a spotlight to a floodlight.

Equipped with an integrated IR-Filter for reduced signature and available at 850nm or 940nm wavelengths, the lamp is perfect for ATV and Quad applications, due to its fully waterproof wading capability and refined electronics.

High-performance, mobile work-light

Nolden Cars & Concepts offers the ASW 115-4500 mobile work-light. This new, high-performance, mobile LED work-light is capable of both 12V and 24V operation, and can be mounted to any vehicle via a magnetic bracket or used as a stand-alone version.

The stand-alone light and rechargeable battery pack are mounted on an infinitely adjustable four-leg base, ensuring stable, wind-resistant deployment on uneven ground. Close and wide-range illumination are achievable, as well as a combination of both.

The 115-4500 light is the combination of an energy-efficient, heavy-duty LED work-light, together with a rechargeable power pack Type P3-350 (or similar) optional capability.

With a near 4,000 Lumen luminous flux calculated and daylight similar at 6.300°K per light, together with a 9hr operation from one battery charge, it has features proven to be indispensable on work sites or during rescue situations.

Waterprrof, shock-resistant, portable work lights

The mobile work-light is supplied in a compact, lightweight, hard backpack designed for tactical operation capability. Complete systems only weigh 6.6kg or 7.5kg and all components are waterproof, corrosion-resistant, EMV-tested, radio noise-suppressed, and vibration and shock-resistant.

The product is available in a ‘military’ version with a Linderhof Tactic backpack, or as a ‘professional’ version with a Mil-Tec pack.

In combination with a battery-type Type P3-350 or BT-70884BE, you can set up a power-network with an additional fuel cell to enable unlimited operation.

In order to satisfy the demands of a variety of working environments, the LED work-light is supplied with both close and long-range lighting capability. A combination close and long-range lens is also available.

Whether for military, police, firefighters, emergency agencies or for civilian use, the mobile work-light provides many hours of reliable day-like illumination.

About Nolden Cars & Concepts

Due to its long-standing experience and solid business relationships, Nolden Cars & Concepts’ customers place great trust in the quality of the products.

The company has a highly qualified development partner in Microlight Auto Parts, a company capable of designing, developing and manufacturing any type of lighting system imaginable. It works closely with partners for OE prototyping, the simulating optical performance, design, dimensioning and construction.

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