Sima Innovation (Sima) offers off-the-shelf or customised ring mounts, gun mounts, pan/tilt units and gunner protection kits.

We supply products to vehicles improving personnel operational capability and personal security within challenging conditions.

Operation-controlled ring mounts for target detection

Sima ring mounts are offered in various sizes and configurations and are available with an electrical drive system.

They are ‘one-finger’ operation controlled, reach 360° in less than seven seconds, and can track a moving target while your own vehicle is moving. They are also designed to your preferred mount and additional accessories can be fitted, such as add-on armour for ballistic protection.

The RM750Al-ES ringmount features an electrical drive system and adjustable speed to track moving targets.
RM850Al-MC is a highly lightweight ring mount operated manually through a gear with crank.
RM900Al-MC is specifically designed for Special Operation Forces.
The SM870L gun mount will accommodate the majority of 7.62mm general-purpose machine guns (GPMG).
Twin Buffer Mounts (TBM) is constructed to accommodate two M2 heavy machine guns measuring 12.7mm.
The remote rotate unit (RRU) supplies an extended field of view of the camera system.
Designed for non-lethal weapon systems, the remote rotate tilt unit (RRTU) provides a flexible mount able to operated while submerged.
The gunner protection kit (GPK) complies with STANAG 4569 Levels 1-4, as well as other levels of protection.
Top cover protection for the GPK.
The sun protection cover for the GPK features bulletproof windows, which are placed according to customer requirements.

Gun mounts for improved target acquisition

Sima gun mounts range from the traditional or twin-mounted heavy-machine guns to the Sima-innovated Swing Arm – a single-hand-operated gun mount. Gun mounts improve the precision and target acquisition, saving time and ammunition. The shoulder support and trigger system creates an ergonomically very liable workstation.

Soft Mount SM1550H was initially constructed for the well-known heavy machine gun, Browning M2. Mounted in the SM1550H, the precision is improved, leading to faster target acquisition and reduced ammunition and time consumption as a result.

Universal Buffer Mount (UBM) is constructed being a recoil absorber for Browning M2 up to 12.7mm. The UBM can be mounted on numerous platforms, making it a very flexible gun mount.

Twin Buffer Mounts (TBM) is constructed to accommodate two M2 heavy machine guns up to 12.7mm.

Swing Arm serves as a light and flexible gun mount for general-purpose machine guns (GPMG) up to 7.62mm.

Pan/tilt units for efficient vehicle handling

Both the Remote Rotate Unit (RRU) and the Remote Rotate Tilt Unit (RRTU) provide fast and remaining safe operating of equipment with the operator being submerged. They also offer quick and accurate target acquisition, either lethal or non-lethal.

The RRU provides an extended field of view to the camera system – assisting safer driving and faster vehicle handling when submerged. It is also ideal as support with handling of special vehicle equipment such as excavators, dozer blades, mine clearance tools and hydraulic drills. The RRU is controlled by a joystick or push button-panel with programmable stops, providing a fast and safe positioning of the field of view. It can also be dismounted and placed on a tripod/mast for 360° observation.

The RRTU is designed for non-lethal weapon systems, providing a flexible mount for submerged operation. It is electrically driven and ‘one finger’ operation-controlled by a joystick, allowing the operator to turn 360° in approximately five seconds – securing fast-target acquisition and minimising hazards.

An optional camera is available for increased field of observation. The featured Auto Focus Zoom transmits colour images to a monitor placed inside the vehicle, assisting the operator to operate in submerged mode.

Steel and composite gunner protection kits

The Gunner Protection Kit (GPK) complies with STANAG 4569 Levels 1-4 or similar levels of protection. It is available with bulletproof windows placed as desired by the customer, as well as top cover protection, ammunition boxes, rails for mounting of personnel equipment etc.

The GPK is available in steel or composite, as well as combinations of both.

Ring mounts for easy vehicle integration

Sima ring mounts are designed for easy integration with a variety of vehicle platforms, either directly or with our tailor-made Ring Mount Installation Kit (RMIK).

RM750Al-ES is probably the lightest motorised ring mount on the market. It features an electrical drive system using slip rings, ‘one-finger’ operation, and a joystick allowing the gunner to turn the turret 360° in less than seven seconds without losing grip on the weapon. It has an adjustable speed which allows the gunner to track a moving target even if your own vehicle is moving. Additional accessories can be fitted, as well as add-on armour for ballistic protection. Similar manual ring mounts in various sizes and configurations are available.

RM850Al-MC is operated manually via a gear with crank. In order to prevent undesired traverse, a brake has been integrated. It is possible to upgrade the RM850Al-MC with a motor with power distributed through slip rings or cable. Similar manual ring mounts are available in a range of sizes and configurations.

RM900Al-MC is designed especially for Special Operation Forces. The gear box can be disengaged, allowing turning by holding to the gun frame. The RM900Al-MC has been designed for the Dillon M134D or similar. This version has an extended ammunition box support providing extra space, including standard Dillon ammunition box and battery.

About Sima Innovation

Sima Innovation is a young and innovative company. Founded in 2006 by Mikael Kildevæld, the initial developments of lightweight motorised ring mounts were conducted and the following year the first samples were delivered to the Danish Army in Afghanistan.

Since then, we have made several solutions where we put ourselves in soldiers’ boots to deliver a solution that improves operational capability and personal security under challenging conditions.

If you would like to know more about ring mounts, gun mounts, pan/tilt units or gunner protection kits, please use the form below to send us your business enquiry.