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Training System Solutions for Military and Tactical Personnel

Strategic Systems Inc. (SSI) is an innovator in training system solutions for military and tactical personnel.

Strategic Systems

Strategic Systems Inc. (SSI) is an innovator in training system solutions for military and tactical personnel. We offer a full line of target lifters for live fire range training, portable target lifters for mobile training, overhead target retrieval systems and total facility instrumentation for military operations in urban terrain (MOUT), a combined arms collective training facility (CACTF), Urban Ops training centers and Close Quarter Combat (CQC) facilities.

Range in a box (RIAB) for US Military use

Our range in a box (RIAB™) is in continual use by all branches of the US Military. Our innovative solutions and engineering approaches can meet nearly any training need, from simple qualification ranges, to complex training environments with multiple system integration requirements.

The RIAB target system meets the flexibility needs of today’s military by combining the advantages of Wi-Fi technology and intuitive smart software with lightweight and mobile components. The RIAB system provides dynamic, modular, and scalable solutions to fulfil numerous aspects of individual, collective and combined arms training. The system supports training with a wide variety of devices to include air-soft, paint ball, sub-munitions, live fire and multiple integrated laser engagement system (MILES) training systems.

Frontal view of Stategic's stationary infantry target (SIT) lifters.
Soldiers deploying the stationary infant target system (SITS) downrange.
Soldiers deploying the range in a box (RIAB), featuring a DBL Target holder.
Strategic's SIT lifters.
The RIAB trailer is used by all US military branches.
The rugged RIAB is deployed within the military industry by combining Wi-Fi technology and intuitive smart software with lightweight and mobile components.
Interior view of the RIAB trailer.
Toughbook controller and target lifting device (TLD) for the RIAB target system.
The reactive steel range is a computer-controlled, pneumatic target range for live-fire training.
The reactive steel range detects live-fire hits with the same hit-sensing technology used on the RIAB system.

The RIAB’s versatility allows it to fully support urban operations training in both fixed-permanent and non-permanent structures.

The RIAB system provides an instrumentable live training capability and fully immerses soldiers into realistic, programmable training scenarios and environments to include Counter improvised explosive devices (IED) defeat lanes, urban assault and convoy operations, as well as standard individual weapons qualification ranges.

The RIAB system is scalable and allows for full integration of other battlefield effects to include sight, sound and smell. The RIAB’s ability to integrate audio and video instrumentation allows for full exercise control, monitoring, and complete after-action review recording and presentation capabilities.

The RIAB system is quick and easy to set up, with two members of personnel able to deploy a ten target scenario from start to finish in less than an hour. Command and control of the system is done with the powerful but straightforward range control with custom software developed by SSI. Mission related scenario training is simple to build with the systems flexibility and open-architecture software. It can be set up on-site as a stand-alone qualification range and / or integrated with enhancements such as shoot back devices, audio, lighting and motion sensors, or in conjunction with urban training facilities.

Reactive steel pneumatic target range for live-fire training

Our Reactive Steel Range (RSR) is a computer controlled pneumatic target range for live-fire training. The system uses compressed air to raise and lower AR500 steel head-plate targets and is controlled using a control room computer and an industrial control system.

The RSR detects live-fire hits using the same hit-sensing technology that is used on the RIAB system. The system gives range supervisors considerable flexibility in training by allowing them to change position, timing and other training aspects very quickly.
Target positions can be moved up and down the lane, shifted left or right, and raised or lowered by making fast mechanical adjustments.

Training site instrumentation with After Action Review (AAR)

We have a long history of providing easy-to-use yet effective After Action Review systems (AARs) to provide soldiers and unit feedback on mission and task performances in training and in combat. Combining AAR solutions with instrumentation hardware to create a high level of fidelity within the training environment is equally important.

We specialise in the ability to provide unique custom training requirements such as providing controls for special effects, from pyrotechnics to dimming lights on motion using provided cameras.

We deploy 3D targets with a variety of other aspects of training simulations, such as various sounds, sim explosions and smells, with the goal of making training systems that portray true-to-life environments and situations.

About Strategic Systems Inc.

Strategic Systems, Inc. is an Alabama-based, certified small business, established in 2003. We are recognized as an innovator in design, manufacturing techniques, installation, maintenance and support of modern target systems from simple target ranges to full MOUT site operations.

Our technology-based, total solutions offerings has enabled us to satisfy complex requirements from local Law Enforcement to global military ground forces alike. With extensive experience and a proven delivery model, we have always provided complete client satisfaction.

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  • Capability Statement

    Strategic Systems Inc. (SSI) is a growing company located in Decatur, AL. SSI was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers and designers who saw a need for advanced training in the ever-changing modern battlefield.

  • Urban Operations Training System (UOTS) Capabilities

    The US Military has adapted plans to meet current and future threats. As a result, significant resources have been allocated to training ground troops to engage enemy combatants, with their varied degrees of sophistication, in urban terrains.

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  • Rugged RIAB by Strategic Systems, Inc.

    Strategic Systems, Inc. (SSI) is pleased to introduce our ‘Rugged RIAB’ (Range in a Box) which has taken the best attributes of the original RIAB solution and with considerable value engineering produced a very robust platform for deployment of portable targetry in extreme environments.