Rugged RIAB

Strategic Systems, Inc. (SSI) is pleased to introduce our ‘Rugged RIAB’ (Range in a Box) which has taken the best attributes of the original RIAB solution and with considerable value engineering produced a very robust platform for deployment of portable targetry in extreme environments.

For effective training, the training systems need to go wherever the task unit goes, the Rugged RIAB is ready to deploy anywhere. The Rugged RIAB trailer will fit inside of a shipping container for long travel or deployment.

SSI’s Rugged RIAB trailer system offers a solution for training units who have remote areas of operations and training where the RIAB commercial trailer option is not applicable. Built around the mil-standard M101 / M105 platform, the rugged trailer version allows for the same complement of target lifting devices (TLDs) in a fully off-road viable package that is pre-fitted with mil-spec, load rating, pintle hook-up, wheels / tyre height and durability match, and electrical connections for running lights and brakes compatible with HUMVEE and other DoD / GSA vehicles.

The Rugged ‘Compact’ RIAB (14 TLD) version is based around the M101 / M105 platform with an 8in bed as shown, while the standard Rugged RIAB has 24 TLD capability and is based on the 10in extended bed variant. Either of these systems may be purchased new from SSI or a possible drop-in retrofit to an existing trailer if viable.

Minor modifications and pre-fitting for exact trailer dimensions / tolerances are required when using existing trailers, call or write for details at +1-256-301-5400 or email us at