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Hazardous Odour Detection Solutions for Defence Applications

Electronic Sensor Technology develops innovative solutions to detect and conduct rapid, accurate analysis of chemical odours and vapours in military environments.

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Electronic Sensor Technology develops innovative solutions to detect and conduct rapid, accurate analysis of chemical odours and vapours in military environments.

The company has created and patented a groundbreaking chemical vapour analysis process, which uses gas chromatography calculations and technology suitable for applications in various industries, including defence and homeland security.

Gas chromatography solutions for the detection of IEDs

Electronic Sensor Technology’s gas chromatography solutions provide real-time, quick and reliable analysis of a wide range of odours.

The company’s zNose range can quickly and accurately screen and provide critical information on a range of substances.
Electronic Sensor Technology develops industry-leading solutions to detect and analyse potentially harmful chemical odours.
zNose can detect improvised explosive devices and a range of illegal substances such as nerve agents.

The company’s zNose range is capable of recognising different substances based on their full chemical signature. Its unique technology makes it invaluable in detecting suspicious or harmful odours such as those of an improvised explosive device (IED).

This makes the zNose suitable for defence applications where the early and accurate detection of threats is critical.

Rapid screening of dangerous or illegal military substances

Electronic Sensor Technology’s zNose is an industry-leading electronic sniffer can rapidly screen and offer information regarding highly sensitive substances, including explosive devices, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nerve agents and illegal substances.

zNose measures the air chemistry within structures and compares it with the background signature usually found in buildings. Its technology is capable of detecting threatening odours and alerting operators, which subsequently help to ensure the safety of the building and limit the damage caused by potentially harmful substances.

The device can also screen and monitor public buildings, transportation facilities and other fixed sites such as government buildings. It can also examine the ambient odour of subway stations, financial centres and high-value industries.

Air monitoring protection in government and public buildings

A key challenge for homeland security is eliminating notable vulnerabilities in public buildings. zNose can help achieve this by monitoring the ambient air within buildings and recognising known vapour threats such as nerve blood or vomiting agents, as well as other suspicious odours.

zNose uses a simple two-step procedure that can successfully detect and identify any type of odour within a minute. This facilitates a quick resolution in instances where dangerous substances are recognised by the device, directly reducing any potential harm from the substance.

Wireless odour screening for military environments

zNose devices can be remotely linked using an internet connection and operated using wireless networks, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and radio frequency (RF) modems, within one mile.

The latest zNose models are also completely mobile and feature a built-in connection. Online support is provided by the company for all products with internet access, which can be used to update new threat signatures to all zNose devices in the facility.

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  • Battery-Operated zNose® 4300

    The zNose® Model 4300 is a rechargeable, battery-operated portable device that is equipped with ultra-fast gas chromatography capabilities.

  • Benchtop zNose® 7100

    The Benchtop zNose® Model 7100 is a low-cost high-performance gas chromatography instrument.

  • Portable zNose® 4200

    The portable zNose® 4200 is a powerful, transportable instrument designed for quantitative and qualitative odour analysis.

Electronic Sensor Technology
1125-B Business Center Circle
Newbury Park
CA 91320
United States of America

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