The Portable zNose® 4200 is a powerful, transportable instrument designed for quantitative and qualitative odour analysis.

The Model 4200 Portable zNose® detects and analyses all types of vapors. This portable odour analyser identifies traces of organic, biological and chemical compounds with accuracy and speed. It uses an external computer that offers portable, accurate and efficient analysis.

Model 4200 is a transportable system, designed to speciate and quantify the presence of organic compounds within a minute. It is powerful and capable of performing quantitative and qualitative odour analysis of almost any sort of vapour or odour with speed, accuracy and precision. It has the dynamic range of 2×10000 and its computer system runs any version of Microsoft Windows. It is accurate and efficient enough to carry 300 tests per day.

zNose employs best in class ultra-fast gas chromatography and surface acoustic wave technologies. Its application involves a simple three-step procedure that quantifies any type of odour within a minute with accuracy, precision and speed.