The zNose® 4300 is a rechargeable, battery-operated portable device that is equipped with ultra-fast gas chromatography capabilities.

The Model 4300 Portable battery-operated zNose® detects and analyses any vapour. The nose analyser identifies traces of organic, biological and chemical compounds with accuracy and speed.

Compounds are automatically identified using an external computer and our proprietary software, Microsense. The 4300 Portable zNose® is a powerful odour detector that offers portable, accurate and efficient analysis.

It is designed with an internal refillable helium cylinder and can adapt to use disposable helium cylinders.  The rechargable lithium-ion battery used typically lasts for five to six hours. It is approved by the US Government and possesses ultra-fast gas chromatography capabilities.

zNose employs best-in-class ultra-fast gas chromatography and surface acoustic wave technologies. Its application involves a simple three-step procedure that quantifies any type of odour within a minute with accuracy, precision and speed.