Saxon Containers is one of the foremost companies in the Middle East specialising in the container business. It is a member of UP-Saxon Group which is an association of companies in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, dedicated to the provision of specialist services and products to the engineering industry.

Containers are versatile building blocks which can be joined, cut or shaped to make any type of enclosure, from simple accommodation and storage units to multi-story hotels and offices. They benefit from an existing worldwide transport infrastructure of ships, trains and trucks designed specifically for handling containers efficiently. This renders them cheap to transport and easy to re-locate. Additionally, installation work is far easier, quicker and cheaper than that required by traditional brick and mortar buildings.

The unique modular designs of containers introduced by Saxon Containers provide further advantages, namely, flexibility, cost control, fully-fabricated factory-built and finished construction, optimised space and energy use, and minimum requirements for site installation skills and materials.

Modular containers for multi-purpose enclosures

Saxon containers facilitate innovative designs of multi-purpose enclosures, providing complete solutions for space, energy and functional requirements. Applications include:

Saxon Containers FZE is one of the foremost companies in the Middle East specialising in the container business.
Saxon provides a comprehensive range of container services, from transportation to support and repair.
Saxon containers are fully modular, making them ideal for camp shelter solutions.
  • Residential (luxury villas) and hotel accommodation
  • Labour camps
  • Kitchen, canteen and pantry containers
  • Diving chamber installations
  • Liquid and fuel tanks
  • Packaged substations, switchgear and generator enclosures
  • Mobile workshops
  • Mobile health clinics
  • School buildings
  • Water treatment and aero plants
  • Site offices and business centres
  • Army barracks
  • Refugee camps

Container repair services

Saxon offers a comprehensive container repair service. All types of repair such as CSC, tilt patching and structural repairs for IICL 5, UNICON and SEACO cargo worthy are provided, with strict quality control of materials and fabrication procedures to conform to all inspection requirements of IICL survey. Ready stocks of container parts (corner castings, door locking accessories, corner posts, container floors, container seals etc.) ensure efficient and timely execution of repair

Container inspection and certification services

We offer container inspection and certification by IICL certified container inspectors. The service covers inspection, certification, damage repair estimation and reporting.

Container storage and depot services

Yard space is available for rent to shipping companies and other parties in need of container storage space. Also available for rent, at competitive prices, is handling equipment, including a Boss Hyco stacker.

Container rental services

Shipping containers as well as containerised offices, accommodation and other utility units are available for rent at competitive rates. Special low rates are offered for long-term rental contracts.

Container transport services

Road transport of containers within the UAE or the Gulf region is undertaken at attractive rates. A comprehensive service is offered including transport of palletised goods , haulage & distribution contracts and other related logistical services.

About Saxon Containers

The technical back-up extended by UP Saxon Group group to Saxon Container’s business guarantees the provision of the latest European designs of converted container installations. The Company is manned by a highly trained work force, with senior managers having over 15 year experience in the container business.

The technical expertise of the company’s staff means that efficient and cost effective solutions are achieved for every job, and that all inspection and certification tasks of used, new or converted shipping containers are carried out in-house by an IICL qualified staff member.

The design office is equipped to produce high quality 3D drawings, as well as detailed shop drawings flow, wiring & piping diagrams , and various images to assist potential users to visualise and explore design ideas.

Our fully equipped workshops (10,000 and 16,000 sq ft) at Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, are equipped to handle both small and large jobs.

A broad spectrum of distinguished and satisfied clients have been attracted to the services of Saxon Containers, including a number of aid and multinational organisations.