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Advanced Secure Radio Communications for Airborne, Naval and Land Platforms

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Reutech Communications specializes in technologically advanced secure communication systems for use on airborne, naval and land based platforms providing total interoperability using a family of radio systems.

A division of Reutech and owned by Reunert (a JSE listed company) Reutech Communications has been a strategic supplier to the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) for over 40 years. The company is also an approved supplier to many international customers and OEMs.

Capabilities include the design, development and production to military standards as well as providing full turnkey solutions that are tailored to individual customer requirements.

Reutech Communications has a well established quality management system which enables the organization to meet and maintain stringent military standards. Reutech Communications is ISO9001:2000 accredited via BVC.

Applications include command and control, situational awareness, forward observation link and messaging services
MCR2005/3005 Manpack Transceiver can be configured as a standalone radio or part of a jerk and run combination in a vehicle. Fully inter-operable with our Airborne and Naval radios
VCR2050 Fixed Vehicle fit Transceiver, with secure high level of encryption and fast frequency communications with co-location for multiple radios, software designed for easy customization and upgrades. Includes GPS for sync and position reports.
Soldier Dismounted Communications all for wireless interface with harness fit in the vehicles providing robust voice and data communications.

Secure military communications systems

A new generation product range includes software defined radios with embedded ECCM such as fast frequency hopping and high level encryption ensuring a secure link under hostile conditions, direct sequence spread spectrum modulation for low probability of detection/interception and data link and networking capabilities to meet the ever demanding net-centric warfare requirements. The product range provides for Airborne, Ground based and Naval applications for a fully interoperable and integrated C2 network.

The tactical ground based family of radios provides communications that can be configured for man-portable, vehicle fit or jerk and run application.

Also included are an intelligent built in test (BIT), on board GPS for sync and position reports as well as a versatile interface to external applications.

Network maintenance and control is done via simple network management protocol (SNMP).

The front panel interface is the same for all configurations whether man-portable or vehicle fit, thus allowing ease of use in the operation of the radio. Control is via USB and/or Ethernet interfaces.

In order to facilitate customization of and upgrades to, radio functionality, updated software (including new modes of operation, frequency hopping and encryption algorithms, key and transmission encryption keys) may be downloaded via the Ethernet ports. At all times, backwards compatibility with legacy equipment is ensured.

Tactical VHF/UHF manpack transceiver

The modern day soldier requires reliable, robust communications, and hence the MCR2005/3005 transceiver has been designed to deliver superior performance, even in the harshest environments.

The MCR2005 is a VHF radio operating in the 30 to 88 MHz whilst the MCR3005 is a V/UHF radio operating in the 118 – 400 MHz frequency band.

A Lithium Ion battery, with built in charger and ‘fuel gauge’ provides up to 18 hours of operation.

A mounting tray/ power supply combination is available for vehicle installations.

Tactical VHF vehicular transceiver

Today’s’ fighting vehicle environment requires vehicular communications equipment to be able to handle harsh co-siting interference. The VCR2050 transceiver’s performance has been optimised to cater for multiple radio installations per platform in the ever demanding and crowded Command and Control environment.

The VCR2050 is a VHF vehicle fit radio operating in the 30 to 88 MHz frequency band with a 50W transmitter power output. Other standard features include rebroadcast, remote control, Fill download and built in loudspeaker.

Tactical V/UHF vehicular transceiver

The VCR5040 is a VHF vehicle fit radio operating in the 30 to 400 MHz frequency band with a 40W transmitter power output. This can be extended to 50W.

This radio consists of the appliqué which is fixed to the vehicle and by using the MCR2005 or MCR3005 manpack, allows this to be configured as a vehicle fit but with the option of jerk and run operation.

Other standard features include rebroadcast, remote control, fill download and built-in loudspeaker.

Soldier dismounted communications

The battlegroup communications system (BCS) provides a wireless interface to the harness fit inside fighting vehicles. On dismounting the full functionality of the equipment connected to the harness remains available while the remaining crew can keep in contacts with the dismounted troops.

The BCS also provides integrated communication from a fire control post to the various guns in an artillery setup, including full addressability, voice operated PTT and ear protection.

Secure military communications product support

Product support services include maintenance and repair, operational and technical training, installation, commissioning, system integration and qualification. Facilities include O, I and D-level maintenance solutions to suit the customer’s operational requirements. Other activities include joint development partnerships and transfer of technology, ensuring local indigenization and economic stimulus in country.

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PO Box 285, New Germany, KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa

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