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Blast Protection Systems, Consultation and Testing Services

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In today’s asymmetric conflict zones one of the biggest threats to allied forces is the burried IED, especially for vehicles or personnel caught unaware whilst travelling in convoy. Subsequently, ensuring adequate blast protection for both soft-skinned and armoured military vehicles is an absolute prerequisite for force commanders.

UK-based blast mitigation specialists SJH Projects provide a turnkey service for the protection of military vehicles from conception through to fitting and testing. SJH’s unique blast mitigation product – XPT – is a sacrificial protection system that can be installed onto a variety of vehicles to protect structural integrity, and more importantly save lives, in the event of a blast. SJH also have strategic partnerships for access to extensive industry-certified testing facilities where they can carry out in depth testing and validation of blast protection systems to ensure optimum performance when it is needed most.

Vehicle blast protection systems

SJH provides blast protection systems for both soft-skinned and armoured vehicles, working closely with a client from a project’s outset to ensure that their exact requirements are met. SJH’s protection systems are primarily designed to protect against buried IEDs and mines, and excel against high-intensity blasts and shockwaves in protecting a vehicle’s structural integrity and, more importantly, the lives of its passengers and crew.

XPT sacrificial blast protection material

XPT is a sacrificial blast mitigation material employed uniquely by SJH to absorb and attenuate blast energy and shockwaves from an explosion. XPT takes the full force of the blast, shielding the vehicle and minimising crew or passenger casualties.

Blast protection for vehicles is now a prime driver in their design and qualification.
SJH Projects can provide underside blast protection solutions to both soft skinned and armoured vehicles. This Landcruiser is fitted with the ‘Minesafe’ demountable system.
XPT is porous mouldable material that has proven blast mitigation properties across a variety of applications.
AEP55 Volume 2: The complex document now used throughout NATO for the testing of vehicles against the effects of landmines.
Testing to AP55 Volume 2. This high-speed camera sequence was produced as part of the technology demonstration exercise by the tests team.

XPT is fully mouldable meaning that it can be custom-applied to critical or vulnerable areas more efficiently than conventional amour to maintain the space envelope. Although it is durable enough to protect against intense explosions, it remains lightweight enough not to compromise a vehicle’s mobility. XPT’s mouldable and adaptable qualities mean that it can be applied to a wide variety of protective uses, including not only vehicles but also structures, munitions and transport containers.

Blast protection consultancy

SJH is not only limited to the manufacture and supply of blast protection systems – we also provide a comprehensive consultancy service. With our high levels of experience, we can work alongside clients to help them develop their own blast protection products and solutions. SJH can support a client at every step of their project, from conception and R&D through to testing and application. SJH naturally employ the high levels of discretion and professionalism expected for such a critical sector.

Testing services to NATO AEP55 Vol.2 standards

In recent years the testing of vehicle protection systems had become standardized and far more stringent: it is expected that a protective system be rigorously and exhaustively tested before it is acknowledged as being in accordance to military standards. Most recently, NATO Document AEP55 Volume 2 has dictated the standards for such trials, and is recognised in the industry as being the benchmark of blast protection testing.

SJH understand that it is only through such standardised testing that researchers and buyers can definitively compare different blast protection systems and ascertain which product best suits their needs. As such, SJH has developed an in depth knowledge of AEP55 Vol.2, and can help advise clients on the testing and industry compliance of products and materials.

Our capabilities, experience and dedicated team mean that all our tests are carried out in the efficient and effective manner that the industry demands.

Please do contact us directly to discuss your needs.

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