AGOGFX UltraReel Movie Effects to Enhance Military Training


AGOGFX supply Ultra-Reel™ movie special effects to turn training exercises into learning experiences for military, law enforcement and other first responders. Trainees under close action, 360° five-sense immersive special effects experience the shock, overwhelm, disgust and disorientation that can disrupt decisive action and hinder effective responses to threats and unfolding situations.

AGOGFX‘s aim is simple. Assist in inoculating trainees from the debilitating effects of exposure to stressful, extreme and unusual encounters so they can do their job.

Integrating movie effects into military training

AGOGFX‘s 25 years of interpreting film scripts to produce environments that have actors, stunts and crew at the heart of the action exactly parallels new thinking on augmentation of training environments to reflect physical, psychological and emotional stresses of real world incidents.

Most people think of special effects as events, as a simulated explosion or CASSIM make-up and prosthetics. AGOGFX‘s creativity is in layering effects to create environments that mimic reality. When actors step into that environment they often do not have to act, they can just respond.

These techniques are transferable to training environments to keep trainees involved in an experience, maintaining belief in a scenario as incidents unfold rather than just moving from exercise to exercise.

AGOGFX has £1.3m worth of special effects equipment coupled with urban, remote and extreme location experience across 32 countries on five continents, all at your disposal to add value and flexibility and improve learning outcomes.

Working special effects into your training plans

AGOGFX is often approached early in development before a project is green-lit, to ensure a proposal is both creative and pragmatic. The company advises and collaborates at all levels, initially with directors and department heads, then designers, makers and production and finally with technical and event personnel.

Its exemplary safety record is rooted in experience and expertise in high-energy, enveloping effects work, and the team insists on control of staging of effects in any scenario.

AGOGFX is used to short lead times, high burn rates and responding positively to repeated reconfiguration of goals and aims to achieve best value. For engagements less fluid than films, the process is usually:

  1. Start with a script or plan, assessing it for effects where the company can add value
  2. Send a document outlining builds, treatments and effects to aid discussion
  3. Meet with the director and department heads on location(s) to discuss practicality and potential
  4. Work out requirements for materials, personnel, stunts, logistics, timings and an outline budget
  5. Through discussion, commitments agreeable to all parties are set and formally contracted
  6. Begin design, build, procurement and production of sets, equipment, rigs, pyro and devices whilst developing associated paperwork, third party contracts, insurance, risk assessments
  7. Manage the logistics of moving equipment and effects materials to the location, shipping internationally and hauling across country borders, then returning to the UK

Choosing realistic effects to enhance training experiences

AGOGFX‘s back catalogue of movie special effects is very broad and detailed. If you are responsible for quality and effectiveness of training in your organisation, use the sample lists below to sketch out your own effects supported learning experiences. Put your trainees right into the fog of war in any global location, including the normally public, built environment.

Battlefield effects to engender chaos, shock and disorientation. RPG, IED, VBIED, suicide bomb, direct and indirect fire, effects layering to provide continuity, context and scale of battlefield experience.

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threat incidents. Persistent effects and catastrophic escalating environments for training in IND, HAZMAT (contact, inhalation, injection, ingestion), accidents, fires, spillages and smoke.

Disorientating atmospherics and sensory effects to overwhelm. Sustained stench, smoke, fire, wind, rain and concussive sound effects.

Traumatic live woundings, bullet hits, close range shootings, entry and exit wounds, shrapnel, blast amputation, hostage torture, prosthetics, makeup and blood effects.

Urban civil and military training using high-energy effects techniques, within any existing built environment. Environmental special effects design, for training that must be undertaken in heritage sites, listed buildings and public arenas.

Design and construction of realistic, repeatable, destructive damage effects within training environments and standing sets. Blast, missile and bullet damage to buildings, walls and natural cover, vehicle impacts, breakaway panels and residual fire rigs.

OpFor arms and munitions, actor initiated body-worn explosives. Section 5 firearms, live firing, blank firing, rockets, grenades, mines, IEDs, suicide vests, air percussion mortars, and bladed weapons.

Choreography of all action sequences and reactive interplay. Action directors, scenario advisors, senior special effects and stunt artists to embed credible threats into the roleplay.

Replica action props and IEDS designed to fire, explode and engulf. In-house build of inert and replica munitions, rigged action vehicles, actor fired suicide vests, dummies, RPG flight and missile strikes.

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