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Tungsten Ammunition Components

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PLANSEE Tungsten Alloys, formerly known as CIME BOCUZE is one of the world leaders in the field of development and production of tungsten alloys components. These components made of our well known DENAL® material are ideally suited for a wide range of ammunitions, from small to large calibre. The combination of our innovation, process mastery and strict inspection policy brings to our products a quality level that meets the most severe demands.

PLANSEE Tungsten Alloys commits its unique blend of competencies and experiences at your service.

Our fully integrated research and development centre allows us to remain one-step ahead in the development of the highest quality materials. Our culture of quality has been rewarded with ISO 9001:2000 and EN 9100.2003 (aerospace) certifications.

We combine our production capacity (up to 600t per year) with high-reactivity and an open-minded, partnership orientated, marketing development strategy.

Large calibre Armour-Piercing, Fin-Stabilized, Discarding Sabots (APFSDS).
Tungsten carbide core for small calibre ammunition.
Cones for shape charge liner.
Miscellaneous counterweights.
Propeller blades balancing weight.

All over the world, PLANSEE Tungsten Alloys is particularly well known for its tungsten alloy material family, DENAL. Especially used for kinetic energy penetrators and pre-fragmented ammunition, DENAL is a unique, world-renowned material, due to its high yield and tensile strength, its resilience and ductility. Materials with outstanding properties are continuously developed by our research and development department to meet the ever increasing resistance of modern armours. They have been selected for a wide range of ammunition including:

  • Penetrators and cores for medium and large calibres
  • Pellets for pre-fragmented weapons
  • Other components


Our materials for APFSDS armour-piercing, fin stabilized, discarding sabots are available in a range of medium to large calibres, these include 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 76mm, 90mm, 105mm, 120mm, 125mm…

Based on a nominal density of 17.5, our material DENAL 2035 ® reaches very high tensile and yield strength values -1,600MPa and above – while keeping a very high level of elongation and impact to meet performances up to:

  • 2,500m/s velocity
  • 35 length/diameter ratio
  • 100,000G acceleration, especially for medium calibre


Pre-formed fragments for naval and artillery ammunitions are available for 40mm, 76mm, 105mm and 155mm… calibre ammunitions.


Beside tungsten alloys components, PLANSEE Tungsten Alloys is also a centre of competences for:

  • Tungsten carbide cores for Armour Piercing (AP) ammunition calibres of 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 12.7mm
  • Molybdenum and Tantalum liners


In order to take into account new environmental recommendations, PLANSEE Tungsten Alloys developed a new DENAL® cobalt free material. Our research and development centre took up the challenge to develop environmentally friendly DENAL® materials dedicated for KE penetrators which preserve the properties and performances to a very high degree – up to 1510 MPa of Yield Strength. Environmentally friendly DENAL® is now produced and can be used for large and medium calibre KE rounds, core for medium calibres, and fragments.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.


We are partners of major aerospace manufacturers thanks to our know-how and quality understanding, certified by ISO 9001:200 and EN 9100. Under the brand names of Densimet® and Inermet® heavy alloys, PLANSEE Tungsten Alloys provides a wide range of components for aerospace applications.

Thanks to their high density and high mechanical characteristics, our products meet the most severe requirements and are frequently used as flying safety parts.

For fighters and transportation aircrafts we supply:

  • Avionics equipment (gyroscope rings) instruments
  • Propeller blades
  • Structures
  • RAT (Ram Air Turbines)

For missile and targeting PODs (laser designation airborne system), our capabilities include:

  • Accelerometers
  • Grinding systems
  • Structures
  • Optronics

We provide helicopters with:

  • Rotor-vibration damping masses
  • Anti-torque rotor balancing
  • Blade balancing
  • Anti-vibration systems
  • Reduction of transmission efforts

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    In order to take into account new environmental recommendations, CIME BOCUZE developed a new DENAL cobalt-free material. Our research and development centre took up the challenge to develop environmentally friendly DENAL materials dedicated for KE penetrators which preserve the prope

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B.P. 301 Saint-Pierre en Faucigny
F-74807 La Roche Sur Foron