ECS has designed and manufactured a wide range of RF inhibitors (jammers) and is able to offer the latest technology solutions as countermeasures against Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs). The range includes ultra portable units to cover cell phone networks and full band portable and vehicle–mounted systems. Applications include protection of VIP and military personnel and RCIED operations.

Vehicle-mounted digital jamming system

The new Griffin Vehicle Mounted Digital Jamming System is a sophisticated system, designed specifically for vehicle mounted use. The Griffin can be used for in the following roles:

  • VVIP protection
  • Force protection
  • Convoy protection
  • EOD render-safe procedures
  • Event, base or venue protection
  • RF communication jamming

The ‘Griffin’ transmits powerful jamming signals over a wide frequency range, using the latest digital technology that surpasses the performance of analogue systems. The direct digital synthesis (DDS) technique allows for the use of energy efficient counter measures and provides greater range for lower overall output power. The ‘Griffin’ is effective against most types of radio as well as all cellular telephones and W-LAN (2.4, 5.2 and 5.8GHz).

ECS has a broad portfolio of jamming products including COFDM microwave link systems and RF inhibition (jamming) systems.
The FALCON PLUS VHF / UHF portable jamming system has options available for GSM, 3G and WLAN channels.
ECS Dart Series, highly portable jamming systems utilise both DDS and barrage technology allowing instant jamming of unwanted signals.
The system can be rapidly deployed and programmed for use in the Force Protection man-pack patrol role.

The ‘Griffin’ has been introduced to provide comprehensive wide frequency range jamming, including 3G and wireless LAN as a counter measure to the increased incidents of terrorists using cell phone infrastructure to detonate remote control bombs.

Wide band jammer

FALCON PLUS is a twin channel, 50 Watts per channel, 10 Watts GSM and 20 Watts 3G, wide band field proven jammer designed for rapid vehicle deployment. The system can provide an effective response to RCIED threats and can be utilised in the following roles:

  • Force protection (vehicle, vehicle convoy)
  • EOD render-safe procedures
  • Event, base or venue protection
  • VIP protection

FALCON PLUS utilises sophisticated direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology to provide a highly power efficient and effective jamming source. The pre-programmed data fill is developed in conjunction with a bespoke threat analysis that will aim to address the RCIED threat evolution within the chosen theatre of operation.

Flexible role lightweight jamming systems

To counter the latest threats from RCIEDs, ECS has developed a family of RF Inhibitors. The entry level is a lightweight man pack jammer. KESTREL is a family of flexible-role lightweight jamming systems designed for easy deployment. The system can be rapidly deployed in a back-pack, or a carry forward frame and can be programmed for use in the following roles:

  • Force protection (man pack, vehicle convoy)
  • EOD render-safe procedures
  • Remote carry forward role utilizing a remote controlled vehicle (RCV)
  • Event, base or venue protection
  • VVIP protection

The KESTREL family design utilises sophisticated Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology to provide a flexible programmable power efficient solution. The KESTREL architecture allows for rapid mission programming in demanding flexible threat environments in four separate units:

  • Kestrel Alpha – 20 MHz to 520 MHz
  • Kestrel Bravo – 500 MHz to 950 MHz
  • Kestrel Charlie – 3G and WLAN
  • Kestrel Delta – GSM 900 and 1800

The Kestrel jamming system is fully integrated and includes a battery docking interface compatible with LIPS5 Lithium Ion battery to provide fully autonomous operation in excess of four hours. The ‘Kestrel’ is equipped with an integral GPS antenna that can be removed for vehicle mounting applications. The integral fan provides effective cooling for sustained operations in high temperature operational theatres.

Portable jamming systems

The DART series is a range of portable jamming systems designed for fast deployment in ruggedised briefcase form and can be used in the following roles:

  • EOD render-safe procedures
  • Remote carry forward role
  • Event, base or venue protection
  • VVIP protection
  • RF communication jamming

The DART Series has been designed to provide an efficient and effective jamming system in a small, highly ruggedised package. The DART Series extends the range into UHF, Satellite Phone, 3G and WLAN bands as well as providing many new features. It also has the facility to add in omni-directional antennas for instances where the target location is not known. DART systems are available with on-board batteries supporting autonomous operations for up to 4 hours and are available in multiple frequency bands to provide:

  • UHF (DART 7)
  • GSM (DART 9+)
  • 3G (DART 10)
  • WLAN 2.4G (DART 11)
  • WLAN 5.5 G (DART 12)
  • Satellite Phone (DART 14)

All DART Series equipment can be powered from 15 to 30 VDC for continuous field operation and comes with 85-264 VAC charger unit.

Integrated logistic support

ECS provides a complete Integrated Logistics Support package that includes first and fourth line test equipment. Each ILS package can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. In addition, the company can provide up-to-date threat analysis and software defined fill support that is both secure and reliable.


A range of training courses are available that include user and maintenance training. Specific training courses such as ‘Train the Trainer’ are also available. Training can be undertaken at Enterprise Control Systems Limited or at the customer’s facilities in the UK or overseas.