Touché Technologies designs and manufactures high-fidelity force-feedback haptic devices for various simulators and training systems in the defence industry.

We have a wide and growing portfolio of products and aim to be a one-stop supplier for all the haptic and robotics needs of our clients.

In addition to our standard haptic products, we actively design and develop custom robotic solutions that perfectly match our clients’ project requirements.

Touché Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high-fidelity force-feedback haptic devices.
The company has an extensive portfolio of haptic products for a range of military applications.
Touché Technologies’ solutions are designed to offer a highly realistic simulation experience for military training.
Touché's T-Rex is suitable for a range of industry applications.
The TMotion is a family of industry-leading linear actuators for motion platforms.
Touché is actively developing custom robotic solutions to meet the evolving demands of clients.
The company's solutions are designed to offer a highly realistic simulation experience.
The T-Pedal is an innovative haptic pedal offering up to 70lbs of resistive force.
The TWheel features a range of built-in haptic effects.

Hardware integration and haptic simulation solutions for military applications

We offer hardware integration, training, and haptic simulation services to clients in the defence industry. Our services aim to reduce development time and costs for our clients while delivering the highest performance achievable.

Touché Technologies’ solutions are suitable for a range of applications, including vehicle and simulators, surgical simulators, and space and military training systems. Our products are entirely designed and developed at our facilities in Montreal, Canada.

Custom product design and development for defence industry projects

A realistic simulator requires accurate force and motion effects, as well as an immersive hardware design. Touché Technologies can develop custom products that look, feel, and behave the same as their real-life counterparts.

In a flight simulator application, for instance, various joysticks and hardware interfaces can be replicated with maximum accuracy. Whether it is a pedestal, a yoke, or rudder pedals, Touché can develop true-to-life replicas with haptic feedback that are virtually indistinguishable from the original hardware.

High-performance haptic products for military requirements

Touché Technologies’ TWheel is a high-performance haptic steering wheel that can deliver ultra-realistic haptic effects for vehicle, boat, and flight simulators. The advanced control system of the device provides robust stability and high fidelity even at low simulation rates below 60Hz.

Virtually any haptic effect within the torque limits of the device can be accurately displayed with the TWheel. The device also provides a wealth of built-in haptic effects such as dry friction, damping, engine vibration, road effects, centring forces, motion limits, and hysteresis.

The TMotion is a family of high-performance linear actuators for motion platforms. Each TMotion can provide up to 500lbs of force and 7in of stroke length. Depending on the mechanism of your motion platform, a group of two to six TMotion actuators can be used to create a wide range of motion effects. The advanced software platform of TMotion provides various high-level control features such as motion cueing, as well as low-level access to individual actuators for maximum convenience and flexibility.

Touché Technologies’ T-Pedal is a powerful haptic pedal with up to 70lbs of resistive force. The T-Pedal can emulate the pedal of any vehicle with a high degree of accuracy. Various haptic effects such as engine vibrations, non-linear pedal resistance, and ABS and hydraulic effects can be easily emulated by the device.

The TRex family of haptic arms are general-purpose haptic devices for a range of industrial and medical applications.

We also have a wide range of other haptic products relating to flight simulators currently under development.

High-fidelity results for realistic training simulation

Touché Technologies products deliver highly realistic haptics and motion effects. Every design aspect of our products, from mechanism to electronics and signal processing, has been optimised for performance.

The slightest imperfections in the simulated forces and motion can easily be perceived by the user as an unrealistic simulation experience. Through ultra-high-fidelity results, we offer our clients a significantly more realistic simulation experience, giving them a stronger competitive edge in their market.