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Communication, Announcement and Alarm Systems for Military Operations

Karel Defence provides military communication solutions and warning and announcement systems for defence industries, with more than 15 years experience.

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Karel Defence

Karel Defence provides military communication solutions and warning and announcement systems for defence industries, with more than 15 years experience. The company also supplies military clients with electronic control boards, solid-state disks (SSDs), robust handheld computers, and navigation devices.

Many of the communication devices developed by Karel are used by foreign militaries, including the Turkish Army.

Karel delivers high-quality, fast services with more than 80 engineers in its dynamic R&D division. Producing its own designs, the company has one of the largest electronic manufacturing plants in Turkey.

Robust intercommunication systems for armoured vehicles

The IKT102 intercommunication system is designed for armoured military vehicles. It has a radio interface, which offers intercom and radio access with high-quality sound.

Karel produces highly robust tactical internet protocol (IP) systems designed for military operations.
The AD101 alarm and announcement system is used by patrol boats and frigates in military operations.
Karel offers adaptable telephone exchange units that have configurable features and an X-band modem interface for communication via satellite.
The AD102 warning system can deliver signals and announcements on small military vessels and includes seven individual alarm patterns for optimum use.
Karel’s intercommunication unit is resistant to harsh environments and includes a central unit, headset and exterior speaker.
Karel produces military alarm and announcement systems that are reliable, robust, and advanced.
The TD116 military phone offers army operators a reliable communication system that is suitable for ships and other military vehicles.
The VIA-100G is a cutting-edge inertial navigation system used to measure accurate 3D location, pace and attitude.

The device has a robust structure, allowing it to endure harsh conditions. Due to its modular design, the IKT102 can be adapted to several platforms with a number of users.

Its components include an IKT102 central unit, headset, and external speaker unit (5m).

Field tactical IP communication solutions for army applications

Karel develops tactical internet protocol (IP) communication systems for the military.

The DS200T is intended for field use and is resistant to shock and water. It has IP / Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) capabilities and allows communication through the combat-net radio.

The system supports central office (CO) / public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines, analogue subscribers, E&M (2W / 4W) lines (type I and V), and ISDN PRI/E1 interfaces.

With its ten slots, the DS200T supports a variety of interfaces, has IP (SIP / H.323) trunks and extensions, ethernet data ports, and analogue lines with DTMF / FSK caller ID. The device includes digital (proprietary) and local battery (magneto) extensions, as well as a communications and networking riser (CNR) interface for high-frequency (HF) and very high-frequency (VHF) radio.

Warning and announcement systems for armoured vehicles and tanks

Karel’s TAS102 alarm and announcement system is developed for armoured vehicles and tanks to generate high-volume warning sounds to crews outside vehicles when threats are detected by laser sensors or radars.

The tank system has an amplificator, speakers and push-to-talk microphones. The amplificator drives one speaker inside the vehicle and two speakers outside. This system amplifies the audio signal received from an external sound generator and drives the external loudspeakers.

Flexible military tactical switches for navy ships

Karel produces a communications exchange for use in naval operations.

DS200A is a reliable communication system made of high-grade, flexible and hard-wearing material. With such strong characteristics, the device improves the communication capacities of naval ships.

DS200A has full configuration features with more than 100 subscribers, while it has an X-band modem interface for satellite communication.

It can also communicate with alarm / announcement and internal communication systems via the MODBUS interface, featuring IP-based communication with IP trunk and SIP subscriber functions.

Advanced alarm and announcement devices for navy ships

AD101 is a flexible, configurable alarm and announcement system, which provides communication capabilities for patrol boats, frigates, and other navy operations.

The device integrates a MODBUS interface, music unit, and horn speakers.

With its advanced features and integrated structure, the AD101 effectively meets the needs of military vessels. It can be integrated into the Karel-branded military vessel’s private branch exchange (PBX) systems and an alarm or announcement can be signalled through any of the vessel’s phones.

AD101 can be combined with the user stations that are authorised via the communication switching system and can be configured depending on the zone requirements. The alarms, announcements and music broadcasting can be carried out depending on the zone’s conditions.

The power supply and amplifier are protected within the main panel.

Adaptable military vessel alarm announcement and entertainment systems

Karel’s AD102ES adaptable entertainment system features an alarm and announcement system suitable for military vessels.

It includes a video-on-demand system with touchscreen abilities, and is able to broadcast TV, radio, movie and music channels via media servers and antennas.

Warning devices for patrol and coastguard boats

Karel produces systems designed to carry out warning signals and announcements on small patrol and coastguard vessels.

The AD102 alarm system features seven different alarm pattern selections, including collision, National Building Code of Canada (NBC), air alarm, surface, general alarm, man overboard (MOB), and sabotage.

Other features include priority over announcement, full-level voice support, an independent marine alarm, a siren button, and an active state LED indicator.

In-field army intercom system with radio interface

Karel supplies a low-noise intercom and radio interface device with digital voice communication, the ability to support up to six internal users, and a high-quality headset.

The solution shock-resistant and has in-field firmware update capabilities. It also has PC-based management software for authentication and configuration of the system, while users of the radio can also be verified.

Operators can send and receive up to two different HF, VHF, UHF radios. There is independent use of the right and left ear-cups for intercom and radio use, as well as a hands-free communication facility for internal calls.

Ruggedised military phones for ships and military vehicles

Karel produces robust military phones built to high military standards. The TD116 has a waterproof mechanical design and is suitable for the harsh environment of ships and military vehicles.

Inertial navigation systems for army operations

Karel’s VIA-100G state-of-the-art inertial navigation system is equipped with a VIA-100A, GPS, and an atmospheric altimeter that comes with a highly developed Kalman filtering system, delivering precise 3D location, speed and attitude.

About Karel

The department consists of 16 specialised engineering teams, while development activities are based on 20 defined processes for high-quality production.

In the last couple of years, Karel has increased its internal communication systems product range and has recently introduced its ‘IKT’ solutions. By the end of 2016, more than 500 systems had been delivered to Turkish Armed Forces.

Karel R&D is also investing in the development of avionic products built to DO-254 and DO-178 standards, and plans to launch these products soon.

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