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HVAC and APU Systems

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Booyco Engineering is a South African company specialising in the design and development of custom-made Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems for efficient air-conditioning, cooling, heating, ventilation, cab pressurisation and filtration. The company also has expertise in the design and development of custom compact Auxiliary Power Units (APUs).

ISO 9001:2000-accredited Booyco is a medium-sized, highly efficient business operating in three major industries: military, rail and mining / earthmoving. Unlike other mass-produced air conditioning systems, Booyco’s units are suitable for the harsh and demanding operating conditions encountered in military applications.


We focus on mobile applications, and our systems are designed for extreme conditions in terms of shock, vibration, ambient temperature, dust burdens, etc. Our systems can be found on a variety of wheeled vehicles (off-highway and on-highway), tracked vehicles, railcars, aircraft, marine equipment and containers, and can be used for:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Cab pressurisation
  • Filtration

In order to serve the chosen market niche, the company is staffed with a large proportion of qualified technical personnel. Design data packs are produced using 3-D colour parametric modelling CAD systems in sufficient detail for manufacture to take place.

Booyco Engineering specialises in the design and development of custom-made air-handling systems for efficient air-conditioning, cooling, heating, ventilation, cab pressurisation and filtration.
We focus on mobile air-conditioning systems as well as systems for extreme environmental and ambient conditions; our environmental-control systems can be found in a variety of military vehicles.
All our military air-handling systems are custom-made.
We have supplied crew cooling systems and an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for RG31 APCs.


Booyco has successfully grown a specialist niche, putting itself at the forefront of mobile air conditioning and environmental control systems technology.

In addition to the vast experience we have gained in the field, our infrastructure enables us to engineer products capable of providing optimum environmental control solutions for mobile machinery and equipment. The company’s reputation is based on the fact that it does not merely sell air conditioning systems; rather, it provides a complete solution which spans consultation on customer requirements, supply of the appropriate hardware solution, technical back-up and field service support.

A few of the milestone projects undertaken by Booyco Engineering include:

  • G6 crew cooling systems and APUs
  • Crew cooling systems for Rooivalk attack helicopters
  • Crew cooling systems and Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for RG31 APCs
  • The manufacture of air handling units for the South African Navy’s patrol corvettes (under licence)


All our military air-handling systems are purpose-built, and we have handled numerous prestigious contracts for international and South African organisations in both the public and private sectors.


Manufacturing is contracted out to other local companies who are selected based on the criteria of price, delivery and compliance with our specifications and quality requirements. Assembly and thermodynamic performance-testing is all conducted in-house. All other types of tests e.g. noise, shock, vibration, environmental, EMI, EMC, etc. are done at external, certified test laboratories.


Processes within the company conform to the quality requirements of ISO 9001:2000. All products are performance-tested and certified to ensure compliance with the relevant specifications. Components used are selected to provide high levels of reliability under extremes of shock and vibration, dust burden, temperature and humidity.

Booyco also produces the technical documentation necessary to support its products and comply with standard military ILS requirements.

Press Releases

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    The Booyco air conditioning system being supplied for the BAE Systems RG31 Mk5 armoured personnel carrier has been successfully upgraded to significantly increase the vehicles EMI/EMC compliance. Designed by Johannesburg-based custom climate control and air-handling systems specialist

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    Booyco Engineering has custom designed and manufactured the crew cooling system for the RG 35 vehicle for BAE Systems Land Systems OMC. The large RG 35 six-wheeled armour personnel carrier currently being developed by BAE Systems Land Systems OMC can accommodate 16 people. This vehicle

  • Fastest Military Application Air-conditioner for Booyco

    Booyco Engineering received an invitation to develop a customised air conditioning unit for the four-seater RG31 prototype vehicle BAE Systems developed in South Africa in mid December 2008, with a delivery date of the first week of January 2009. "This was the fastest development undert

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    Booyco's powerful power train, coupled with significantly enhanced ballistic protection, is set to see the Maverick internal security vehicle take the lead in internal security applications. During design and engineering of this new internal security vehicle by the Paramount Group, exte

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