For the last 23 years, Exavision has supported its customers in video exploration, investigations in extreme situations and in the protection of goods and individuals in sensitive areas and harsh environments. We design and manufacture advanced optronic systems resistant to high-pressure (100 bars), extreme temperatures (-30°C / +400°C), shocks and vibrations, which can be used in short, medium and long range observation and surveillance applications.

Our innovative and customised solutions allow end users to visualise harsh and strategic environments day-and-night in order to secure sensitive areas or launch the intervention of deployment forces (autonomous sensors).To take up these challenges our skilled teams of engineers and technicians have developed a technological know-how in optronics and mechatronics, but also in digital processing software to make our products fully operational and user-friendly.

Spybowl-360: autonomous audio and visual sensors

SPYBOWL is an autonomous 360°-view audio and video sensor made to support homeland security operations. Thanks to an extreme miniaturisation of its electronic and rugged mechanical structure, it can be hand-shouted up to 6m high and 30m long, and transmits instantaneously by radio and without any panoramic movement, audio and video checking before intervention (building, corridor, office, etc.). It is a security tool for your special forces. The whole system comes with a rugged laptop for display and controls, data acquisition and video process software.

  • Vision in movement while shooting, and static after shooting
  • 360° colour vision at 12.5 i/sec
  • Audio and video RF transmission at 2.4GHz
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Diameter: 115mm

Standalone covert sensors

Our kit of standalone sensors are compiled from the following subsets:

The Spybowl-360-V2 is an autonomous, tactical, 360° throwaway video camera.
Our multispectral standalone covert video cameras come in a variety of subsets.
Our targeting cameras offer day-and-night, thermal and LRF imaging for the harshest conditions.
The Digiscope-360 offers 360° peripheral armoured vehicle protection.
The MOS400 / MOS400-PTS are multispectral observation sentries offering visual 360° surveillance.
The Omnicam long-range offers day-and-night and thermal imaging surveillance and protection up to 5km in distance.

One camera to choose from the following range:

  • A day camera with high magnification as Camezoom Z35 – XVC2690/RS
  • A night camera with high sensitivity as Examilcam
  • An uncooled thermal imager as CAMIR-UC

One set of wireless transmission Exadata Video Trans Power 1.5W made of:

  • A video transmitter and data with a range of 2,500m with omni-directional antennas like a whip
  • A video receiver and data with omni-directional whip antenna

One digital processing recorder

One XVR150 remote control

One lot of Li-on battery packs with charger, enabling a 24h autonomy

Targeting cameras

Since 2006, Exavision has developed a targeting cameras range to equip navy frigates, FREMM multipurpose frigates, naval remotely operated pan and tilt or ground vehicles.

On special request Exavision designs and produces high-level targeting cameras, tailored to suit the harshest environmental conditions.

Detection follow-up and action are achieved in many conditions thanks to the combination of day cameras (CCD), thermal cameras (un-cooled), laser range finder, GPS and automatic tracking. Precise targeting down to 0.1mrad is possible because of the use of high-resolution sensors combined with precision micro-mechanics.A

Digiscope-360: armoured vehicle protection

The Digiscope-360 is designed to equip a vehicle to operate in rugged environments. It facilitates the steering of the vehicle, especially during manoeuvres, and safely provides peripheral vision of the environment to the operator and passenger.

  • Five or seven miniature 1/3in CCD colour cameras with extended sensitivity for night vision
  • Two GUI units can display the videos
  • One IP processing box based on IP architecture through Tablet PC, enabling interconnection between the various subsets

MOS400/MOS400-PTS observation sentry units

The MOS400/MOS400-PTS observation sentry units are controlled through a traditional dome and provide an integrated solution for security requirements. Each unit contains:

  • A tri-sensor assembly for maintaining undetectable night-and-day surveillance and identification
  • Rugged products to meet customers’ requirements for military and marine environments

This equipment has already been selected for the protection of military camps in Afghanistan, EDF’s nuclear electricity stations and onboard the US Coast Guard interceptor boats. Our products perform reliable, nonstop surveillance with the capacity to recognise and identify a human target within 400m in range.

Omnicam: long-range constant surveillance system

The Omnicam long-range modular solution is designed to provide long-range, constant surveillance for highly-sensitive infrastructure protection to places like petrochemical and nuclear industries, border and coastal areas. This electro-optical system includes radar and software packages that enable recognition, identification and automatic target-tracking up to a maximum of several kilometres in distance in day-and-night conditions.

The TV system is composed of the following parts:

  • Day-vision colour camera with a long-range optical zoom and high resolution
  • Night-vision camera with long-range optical zoom and near infrared zoom laser associated
  • Dual axis precise pan and tilt Omnicam Servo-duo or Omnicam Super+ for moving the cameras toward the detected targets
  • Power supply and control command unit (PSU-CCU) includes power supplies, microelectronics and serial interface to manage the cameras and the pan and tilt from the radar
  • Optionally available: digital image stabiliser Stabilex, IP exanet-station interface and radar control interface