Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) Automation Technologies for Ground Target Vehicles

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Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) has more than 15 years expertise in autonomous haulage and automation solutions for ground target vehicles in the defence industry.

ASI also has a long history of research and development for general vehicle robotics through Department of Defence (DoD) funded Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), as well as creating an applique kit for ground target vehicles.

Fully autonomous ground vehicle solutions

ASI’s automation system provides an individual upgrade path from remote-controlled or teleoperated equipment to fully autonomous machinery.

Remote control led or teleoperated equipment embodies a cost-effective entry point into automation for an organisation; however, they do not provide the significant productivity gains and others some organisations require.

ASI’s clients can upgrade from their teleoperated or base remote control solutions to fully autonomous vehicles or haulage systems to enable optimal return on investment. This is accomplished through ASI’s universal robotic technology and client / server-based software system.

Remote control systems use the same technology as fully autonomous vehicles, enabling cost-effective upgrades to be possible.

Safety systems and obstacle detection sensors

ASI provides enhanced productivity automation technologies specifically designed with a multi-tiered safety approach, including hardware, software and sensors.

Each vehicle can be equipped with:

  • An onboard emergency-stop (e-stop) button that instantly halts all vehicle functions upon activation
  • Onboard computer systems continuously overseeing diagnostics on more than 100 system areas seeking anomalies
  • ASI’s Mobius command and control software, containing proximity and choreography features so that vehicle collisions between autonomous vehicles, manned vehicles and known obstacles
  • Obstacle detection sensors such as ASI’s Forecast 3D laser system that scan for unknown hindrances such as human or animal traffic and falling debris

Autonomous haulage to improve productivity and safety

Vehicle automation technologies such as ASI’s autonomous haulage system help to dramatically improve productivity while reducing costs.

ASI’s Haulage AI is a highly scalable client / server-based autonomous haulage system that allows individual users to oversee multiple haul trucks constantly tasked in a haulage system.

This one-to-many relationship improves overall productivity by targeting and overcoming cost-drivers such as unscheduled maintenance, vehicle underutilisation, fuel inefficiencies and personnel issues.

Cost-effective entry into vehicle automation

Vehicle automation is one of the key innovations that leads to successful operations, but investing in new robotic-enabled vehicles or retrofits of existing fleets can be expensive.

Teleoperation solutions from ASI allow organisations to validate the effectiveness of robotic technology without significant upfront investments.

Autonomous Solutions fits ground-based vehicles with robotics controlled from a remote command station. One operator is able to control a vehicle with driver assistance software, joysticks and cameras.

Teleoperation enables an organisation to introduce or test automation technologies, as well as increase safety levels by removing operators from potentially hazardous environments.

About ASI

ASI is uniquely enabled to supply proven robotic hardware and software systems that convert existing equipment into autonomous vehicles.

With more than 15 years supplying in tech, the company covers a wide client base in the mining, military, agriculture and automotive industries.

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Press Release

Autonomous Solutions (ASI) to Attend MINEXPO 2016 in Las Vegas

Autonomous Solutions will be attending MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, between 26-28 September.

White Papers

Forecast 3D Laser Detection System

Forecast emits a laser beam that reflects off of potential obstacles. Separate algorithms single out and distinguish negative obstacles. By combining wide spatially referenced areas, variations in vehicle roll and pitch are accounted for without the need for high accuracy IMU data.

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Press Release

15 August 2016

Autonomous Solutions will be attending MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, between 26-28 September.

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24 February 2016

If the last year has taught the mining industry anything, it would be the sheer unpredictability of the sector.

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17 February 2016

Autonomous Solutions, Inc (ASI) has been elected to Robotics Business Review (RBR) fifth annual RBR50 list for the second straight year.

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9 February 2016

Volatility in the mining industry, caused by shrinking global demand and record low commodity prices, has left mining companies looking for ways to re-tool their organisations and processes to cope with what some are calling the 'new normal'.

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2 February 2016

While each manufacturer's system would work differently, the fundamental concept is the same: if forward facing sensors detect a slower moving or stopped vehicle ahead, the brakes automatically engage without driver intervention.

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Autonomous Solutions, Inc.

990 N 8000 W


UT 84325


United States of America

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