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Camp Supply International

Container-Based Camp Shelter, Kitchen and Toilet Modules

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Camp Supply International (CSI) is the supplier of optimized unique technological container solutions. CSI can provide customized ISO container solutions to meet all military requirements, as well as the needs of civilian users such as civilian aid organizations, NGOs and constructions companies. Our different container solutions have and are being used by armed forces deployed to Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Afghanistan.

CSI containers have been in development since 1997. Our main focus is on standard 20ft container-based solutions for kitchen, ablution/sanitary, laundry, living quarters and administrative use. We also perform technical installations of water purification systems, waste incinerator systems, power supplies, refrigerators and freezers, and air conditioning systems.

Experience has resulted in optimized solutions in terms of mobility, hook-up, function and service. Our containers are tailor-made for rapid and flexible expansion or relocation.

Kitchen containers

All the interior walls and the ceiling and floor of our kitchen containers are clad in stainless steel to ensure compliance with the strictest hygiene requirements under field conditions. The floors also have quarter-hollows for easier cleaning.

The standard kitchen consists of four container modules with the capacity to produce high quality meals for 500-600 people. This kitchen can be expanded quickly and flexibly with 2 additional containers, increasing the meal capacity to 800-1000 people.

The kitchens come in different sizes, such as four, six, eight and ten-container solutions, with the largest one having a 3.000-person capacity. Total setup time for two persons is only ten hours.

Hygienic and safe field kitchen and laundries

We have solved hygiene safety issues by installing air-optimized systems and UVC microbicidal protection in our container kitchens. This technology can also be put to good use in our sanitary and laundry containers.

Sanitary ablution containers

The container is divided into two sections, one with toilets and washbasins, and another with showers. All of the fixtures are made of stainless steel. There is a separate engineering area for the water treatment system, hydrostatic system and water heater.

Laundry container

The laundry container includes washing machines with automatic soap dispensing system and industrial spin dryers. The machines are mounted on a system of slides that makes it possible to pull out a machine in less than five minutes for service work.

Demolition container

Our demolition container consists of a technical room with integrated power plant and 2 EX rooms. One is for storing explosives of type A and B. The second room is for storing explosive charges and detonators, and it also functions as a workspace equipped with a workbench and cabinets for tools and manuals.

The container is equipped with an advanced alarm and monitoring system together with a notification system connected to satellite and GSM networks.

Containers for extreme climatic requirements

All our containers are made for use under extreme climatic conditions. They are designed for use at temperatures ranging from -50°C to +50°C. Our containers are well insulated and all water pipes are run in "pipe-in-pipe" systems with self-regulating heating cables. The container air intakes are equipped with sand and snow traps for extreme weather conditions.

CSI has employees with many years’ solid experience in their particular fields. In carrying out previous missions in Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Afghanistan, our company has amassed solid expertise in warzone working methods, including expertise in logistics, security and project planning and implementation under extremely tight deadlines. CSI performs service to customers and equipment world-wide.

CSI is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified.

CSI Camp Modules Deployed with NATO and UN Forces

Camp Supply Internationsal (CSI) camp modules have been successfully deployed with NATO and UN forces in Bosnia, Kosovo, the FYROM, Afghanistan, and Chad, Africa. This has helped the company gain significant experience in war-zone working methods, including expertise in logistics, security, and p

CSI Camp Modules Deployed to Chad

Camp Supply International (CSI) camp modules were deployed to Chad, Africa, in May 2009 as part of the MINURCAT II UN mission. The highly mobile and deployable four-container kitchen solution, ablution unit, laundry and water purification systems based in ISO containers have proven to ve the

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