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Next-Generation Armored Vehicles

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Tallcoat Corporation provides assurance to the new millennium by delivering state-of-the-art security solutions and armored vehicles to the law enforcement, homeland security and military sectors. The company was established in 2004 by former members of US military special operations and has since become the source for advanced armored vehicles globally.

Units can be designed for more or less aggressive applications as per client requests and vehicle application and location. Our armoring options are among the best on the market. Fully tactical assault modifications can also be achieved on our platforms, including mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles.

Goliath tactical offroad response vehicle

Tactical requirements are diverse and vehicles are required to accommodate various different missions. Response teams have to get onto the scene as soon as possible, and carrying a whole team of troops safely with enough gear and supplies regardless of environment requires heavy duty transportation.

Goliath is a rugged armored vehicle with off road capability, providing up to 12.7mm caliber protection that meets and exceeds STANAG 4569 and seats at least ten passengers. It features a military grade, T5 hardened gears-transfer case, front and rear differentials and much more. An extensive list of options provides a tailor made armored transport solution for any mission and application.

Versatile and formidable; the Goliath special utility vehicle can deliver swiftly, silently and effectively up to ten response agents to the objective.
Goliath is also available in hard-charging armored utility truck configuration especially suited for offroad patrols, reconnaissance, and special operations.
The unit is Savana-based multi-purpose security van configurable to meet any armor requirement or emergency situation deemed necessary, and it delivers on all levels.
Under the aegis of the Warden vehicle; personnel can be transported unharmed across town to a safe location even through hostile crowded areas of civil unrest.

Savana anti-terrorist truck platform

In an ongoing, ever increasing era of hostile activity, the demand to provide safe and cost-effective transportation for the world’s peace keepers is on the rise. Our Savana armored SWAT truck is based on the world famous GMC Savana 3500 series platform. Maneuvering through narrow urban environments and terrain while loaded with troops has never been so easy.

With a tremendous amount of torque delivered through a mil-spec approved Allison automatic transmission, evading the enemy and executing tactical maneuvers through rugged urban or offroad environments is a reality. Able to carry in excess of eleven heavily armed passengers and up to NIJ IV+ armor protection, this vehicle lends itself well to urban tactical situations.

Multi-purpose armored personnel transport and emergency evacuation vehicle

Perfect companion to our convoy escort vehicles and tactical response trucks the Warden is versatile armored personnel transport vehicle capable of operating discreetly in asymmetric hostile urban environment. Units feature armor protection up to CEN B7 level and military grade defensive capabilities. Details are available to qualified customers only.

When used as an ambulance in emergency evacuation the Warden vehicle is capable of accommodating wounded and injured personnel on stretchers. Designed not to attract attention, the Warden delivers personnel safe and sound from harm’s way to a safe location.

Situational awareness and swift response capabilities

Tallcoat vehicles can be tailor-fitted for any advanced mission requirements. The range of options includes but is not limited to:

  • Control center console
  • Real time GPS navigation system
  • Electronically controlled 50 million candlepower HID spotlights
  • Intercom systems
  • Exterior LED hazard / emergency lighting systems
  • Day / night thermal imaging cameras with human detection up to 2.8km
  • LCD FLIR / backup / GPS display
  • Tactical entry bumper / ram
  • Rear tactical recovery bumper
  • Mil-grade roof mount weapons turret system
  • Automatic fire suppression system (AFSS)

Operational reliability

We pride ourselves on being able to offer cutting edge technology for improved vehicle wear and tear over years of use while never sacrificing the vehicle overall protective properties and operational capacity. The use of state-of-the-art weight saving materials allows for extreme weight savings to critical locations throughout our vehicles.

Press Releases

  • 2009 Armored Specialty Vehicles

    Tallcoat Corporation has announced the launch of a new line of armored specialty vehicles for the military, law enforcement and homeland security markets. In addition to providing advanced armor protection, the Goliath, Unit and Warden armored vehicles are versatile transport platforms that can b


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