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Rowlinson Packaging

Materials Handling and Packaging

United Kingdom

Rowlinson Packaging, formed in 1968 and a member of the Rowlinson Group, is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high-quality, standard and purpose-designed timber cases and crates. At Rowlinson Packaging we provide an extensive range of custom-designed and standard containers, suitable for virtually every kind of military or civilian storage and transit packaging need.

Wirebound timber containers

Rowlinson Packaging’s comprehensive product range includes custom-designed and standard wirebound timber containers. Built from wood and galvanised steel wire they’re designed to absorb shock waves and protect the contents, however fragile, from storage and transit damage, making them ideal for export use – product weight is rarely an issue with the wirebound container.

The wirebound plywood boxes and softwood slatted crates are both lightweight and highly durable, as well as being extremely versatile and cost-effective. Supplied in knock-down form for economic storage indoors or out, they’re easy to assemble, with no need for racking as they’re designed for high stackability.

Military boxes

While our wirebound machines can manufacture virtually any size of container, we also supply several different designed cases to exact military specifications and applications. These can be in the form of ammunition boxes for all types and size of munitions, larger containers for supplying troop deployments, and spare parts for vehicles. The wirebound is so flexible in its design and cost-effective in use that it can be used for virtually any application.

Project work requiring one-off product batches or continuous deliveries can all be accommodated. For continuous deliveries, we have large stock holding facilities so that you always get your cases when you need them. We also have our own internal design department that provides innovative design solutions to offer the best possible protection for the best possible value.

Civilian cases

Alongside our military work we also supply many of the world’s largest OEMs such as Ford Motor Co, JCB, Andrew Telecom, Alcatel and Peugeot. These companies always use us for the same reasons that the military do, such as:

  • Cost-effective packaging
  • Innovative designs
  • Excellent delivery-on-time KPIs – 99.8% on time
  • Low non-conformance: less than 1:20,000

The excellent quality and service we offer through our wirebound is also offered in our UK packing operation. We pack, insure and freight forward all items from engine assembly lines to helicopters. All packs are carefully designed and made so that no parts are damaged during shipment. The packing of parts can take place either at our factory or at your own premises by our fully trained and equipped packing team. If we pack on your site all we need is electricity; we bring everything else we need.