Amplitech products

AmpliTech designs, develops, and manufactures custom and standard state-of-the-art radio-frequency (RF) components for military markets, particularly low-noise amplifiers (LNAs). These designs cover frequencies up to 110GHz (millimeter wave amplifiers).

The company also offers power and limiting amplifiers, as well as many passive components, such as waveguides and power dividers / combiners for all applications.

Low noise and power amplifiers

AmpliTech’s low noise amplifiers employ proprietary sound reduction technology and have the lowest noise figures in the industry.

AmpliTech can supply low-noise and medium-power amplifiers in various packages.
A typical waveguide LNA, which is weather-proofed and painted as standard.
Customers can choose from a range of low frequency amplifiers which provide a high power density.
AmpliTech’s space and cryogenic amplifiers are built with high-quality materials and have a history of reliability.
The surface-mount diplexer for GPS applications is both small and lightweight.
AmpliTech offers numerous speciality and customisable products such as the 8-16 GHz high Gain, 5W SSPA.
The two-way power divider / combiner is another example of AmpliTech's specialised products, which improve the performance of everyday devices.
AmpliTech millimeter wave amplifiers and LNA can be used in a range of industries, including military, commercial and space.

Our efficient, cost-effective design and manufacturing processes produce readily customisable solutions for Telecom, SatCom, SPACE, military and general lab applications.

The robustness of the design, which follows MIL-883 guidelines for commercial units, includes reverse-voltage protection and regulation of input voltage to between +11VDC and +15VDC. This helps Apmlitech to support the comprehensive three-year warranty on Low Noise Amplifiers and an industry-leading two-year warranty on medium and high-power amplifiers.

The company recently added several types of medium and high-power amplifiers, varying from low frequency devices (430MHz-530MHz yielding 22W-28W and 700MHz-2700MHz yielding 100W) to higher frequencies MPAs (up to 6.0GHz with a 5W-10W output and 8GHz-16GHz high gain units providing 5W-10W).

The most attractive design feature in these components is the high power density and efficient heat dissipation due to the use of advanced GaN technology. Custom cooling solutions are also provided as optional accessories with these high-demand amplifiers.

Space and flight-capable amplifiers

The chief engineers at AmpliTech have had more than 25 years of experience with space projects requiring high-reliability components. The highest quality parts are used from the internal components to the hermetically sealed Kovar housings that contain them.

Experience with space and flight programmes has also led to the creation of an official AmpliTech ‘Space / Flight’ handbook that details the methodology behind every step in the supply of flight-capable amplifiers from the design, manufacture, testing, screening (for compliance with MIL-STD-883 or MIL-PRF-38534 standards) to exhaustive documentation, dedicated project management and milestone status reporting.

Surface mount amplifiers

AmpliTech’s surface mount amplifiers meet current demands for smaller, lighter LNAs required for military, commercial, aerospace, SMD, avionics, high speed instrumentation, cable communications, fibre optics and satellite applications which require amplifiers that can be directly board-mounted.

With functionality up to 20GHz, the small footprint saves space and weight while still providing high-reliability and excellent heat dissipation.

SatCom and waveguide amplifiers

Our SatCom / waveguide amplifiers are designed specifically for the most challenging satellite communication applications. INTELSAT and other wideband configurations are available as our assemblies are customisable to fit any SatCom application. The compact packaging also allows easy installation on all antenna hubs.

These amplifiers are available with field-replaceable SMA connectors at both ends or with right-angle / end-launch waveguide interfaces at the input that cover all SatCom frequency bands. Furthermore, our innovative waveguide adapter construction allows for the lowest possible return loss and insertion loss.

Speciality amplifiers, diplexers and power dividers

AmpliTech can offer its customers a selection of specialty products, including a high gain limiting amplifier, variable crossover non-complementary surface mount diplexer and the two-way, high-isolation power divider.

The APT55-02001800-7016-66-LMS is a wideband, high gain medium power limiting amplifier with +20dBm saturated output power. It is designed for use where multiple signals are present low harmonic distortion is required to preserve the two-tone ratio at the output. The two-tone input signals can be as large as +10dBm.

The APT-DPX-2G is a variable crossover, non-complementary diplexer that uses fewer high Q circuit elements to achieve the desired frequency response. It features a low-pass-band insertion loss, higher channel isolation and higher rejection making it ideal for GPS applications. The minimal component design allows for easy selection of crossover frequency and reduces cost, complexity, and size while yielding the best performance possible.

The AMPD-0010200 two-way power divider I splitter features in AmpliTech’s line of passive components. The proprietary design allows a high isolation greater than 20 dB (cross- port across the entire band) and coupled with the low insertion loss of less than 0.5dB, shows how our knowledge and experience can improve the performance of even existing mainstream devices.