Greek based textile producer Costas Siamidis specializes in the development and manufacture of high-performance textile products for the defense industry. Applications include:

  • Ballistic and fragment protective fabrics, bulletproof vests, ballistic helmets, armoring panels made by KEVLAR®
  • Fire protective fabrics and uniforms for tank crews, pilots, firefighters and industrial workers made by NOMEX®
  • GORE-TEX® weather protective uniforms and jackets for special troops.
  • NBC uniforms
  • Leisure military uniforms, shirts, trousers
  • High-tenacity impermeable fabrics for tents
  • Hospital equipment

These products are manufactured by using yarn as a raw material and are tested and certified according to applicable European, US and military standards. The company is certified with ISO 9001:2000 by TUV Cert and qualified by the Ministry of National Defense.

SIGMA bulletproof vests, and ballistic helmets and panels

Costas Siamidis incorporate the latest technology and equipment modern technology and equipment to manufacture a wide range of bulletproof vests and ballistic armor certified to NIJ, MIL and Stanag international standards. Costas Siamidis’ ranges of bulletproof vests are comfortable, breathable, durable, and above all offer total protection. Costas Siamidis vests can also feature fire protection, increased water vapour resistance, waterproofing and protection against radiation.

Our range of bulletproof helmets meets the most complex military requirements, and our bulletproof panels are available in flexible or rigid configurations depending on the application.

Costas Siamidis supply a wide range of protective clothing to the defense sector.
Costas Siamidis’ ARKTOS range of outdoor clothing provides excellent levels of protection, even in the most harsh environments.
SIGMA bulletproof vests are lightweight and offer total protection.
All Costas Siamidis products are certified to the most stringent industry standards.

IFESTOS® fireproof garments

IFESTOS fabrics and garments are manufactured from NOMEX® fiber, offering lasting resistance to flame and heat, antistatic protection, and resistance to chemicals. The uniforms are certified according to EN and CE safety standards. IFESTOS® garments are used by fire fighters, tank crews, pilots, airport personnel, police, and oil and gas workers.

ARKTOS rugged outdoor clothing

ARKTOS outdoor clothing allows wearers to operate normally in extreme temperatures or weather conditions. They are made of Gore-tex special multilayer fabric, which combines breathability with water resistance and and wind protection. The ARKTOS® range of outdoor clothing is certified by EN 343 and CE standards.

About Costas Siamidis

Costas Siamidis is a major supplier of the Greek Armed Forces, police, fire brigade and public organizations and also export to the EU, Balkan and Asia countries. The strength of Costas Siamidis is based on customer satisfaction, product innovation, competitive prices, reliable service and production flexibility focusing to maximize customer’s satisfaction.