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360° Complete Solutions for Unique Military Rail Logistics

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A unique full-service provider, BR International Consulting Services accompany military forces safely, punctually and reliably into the future of modern military rail transport.  

BR International Consulting Services is a full-service provider for the planning, organization and performance of military transports by rail. From the first phone call to the unloading of the equipment at its destination, we take care of everything. 

Headquartered at the international hub at the Vienna International Airport, and with five other locations across Europe, we manage international military rail transports all across Europe. 

Complete military and rail sector transport solutions

BR International Consulting Services offer 360-degrees total solutions for renowned companies and institutions from the military and railway sector. We ensure a smooth flow of the entire rail transport in compliance with the UIC Loading Guidelines, Volume 1 / Volume 2 as well as the Nato regulations “Allied Movements and Transportation Publication-1” – AmovP-4 / AMandTP-1.  

Our know-how, expertise, and top specialists are the components that will get your transport to its destination in the safest, most efficient and most flexible way.

Your wishes and satisfaction are always our primary focus. Our service goes beyond partial solutions but covers all aspects of the transport. 

Think a rail length ahead – with BR International Consulting Services, the reliable partner at your side.

Our service offer in detail

The entire service portfolio consists of several modules that can be ordered separately or as a package: 

Train planning and military logistics by rail

We receive a list from our clients showing the types of military equipment to be transported (tanks, trucks, etc.). Based on that list we carry out the initial planning by determining the amount and type of rail cars that are needed for that transport and combining those railcars into trains, in the most efficient way. We also plan and set the sequence of the rail cars at the loading site. This preparation ensures a smooth loading procedure later on. 

 Train ordering 

Next, the required rail cars are ordered from a suitable (or the customer’s preferred) railway company. If available, military-owned rail cars can also be provided. 

Planning, preparation and provision of blocking, bracing & Tie-down (BB&T) 

We then determine the amount and type of BB&T material required (tension belts, chains, metal chock blocks, etc.), pick that exact material from one of our warehouses and organize the shipment to the loading site. 

Load securing military vehicles and equipment onto the train, including performance of BB&T 

Before the loading begins, we are already on site to not only help with communication between the customer, the railway company, the infrastructure operator and other service providers (crane, forklift, etc.), but also to take over the entire coordination on site. This facilitates the cooperation of all parties involved and guarantees a smooth and safe operation during the entire loading process.  

In case of last-minute changes or unforeseen events, we are ready to help with our know-how by adapting the loading plan to the current situation, but still in compliance with all standards and guidelines so that as much equipment as possible can still be loaded and secured for transport. 

We provide all the required BB&T material directly at the place of loading and perform the blocking, bracing and Tie-down of the equipment in compliance with the regulations.  

European military rail transport and vehicle logistics solutions

As soon as the equipment has been loaded and secured, a rail inspector from the respective railway company carries out a final check of the loading and securing of the equipment on the freight car. After successful inspection, the train is ready for departure. 

Full service along the entire route  

If the transport gets stopped along the way for whatever reason (wagon breakage, accident, theft of BB&T, stop due to handover, etc.), we are taking care of it. A “rapid response team” is immediately sent to the train’s location in order to ensure the fastest possible continuation of the transport. If the train got stopped because of our doing, this service is free of charge. 

Arrival and unloading of the military equipment off the train 

As soon as the transport arrives at its destination, we prepare the train for unloading and remove the BB&T material to enable the unloading of the cargo. We again take care of the coordination of all parties involved in the unloading process, ensuring a smooth and safe operation.  

Quality control and storage  

The BB&T material that was used on the train is now the customer’s property. It is either handed over to the customer or, if desired, subjected to our quality inspection to find out whether the material is still fit for use or not. Depending on the results, the material either gets discarded or reconditioned and stored for the next use in one of our warehouses. So, the next time this customer books a rail transport of his equipment, he already has his own BB&T material ready in our warehouse. 

Availability and operational area 

Our operational area covers all of Europe, except for the UK, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Most of the time we are operating within inland ports, sea ports, railroad stations, military facilities with sidings, and sometimes also in rural areas, with no infrastructure at all (except from the rail line). 

A trainload of flexibility and quality 

Unique is the opposite of ordinary. This applies to our people, our services and our values as much as it does to our day-to-day operations. Quality, flexibility, customer satisfaction, as well as continuous improvement of our services are the pillars of our success. 

Our References

In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn (DB), Société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF), Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH), and many other railway companies we have successfully loaded and transported military equipment by rail for the following customers: 

  • United States Army
  • British Army 
  • Forze armate italiane 
  • Hæren 
  • Magyar Honvédség 
  • German Armed Forces

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  • Load Securing of Military Vehicles

    BR International Consulting Services (BR ICS) carries out a full service on behalf of international armed forces in the area of loading and securing military equipment on railway wagons. For this purpose, the company provides experts across Europe and thus supports military logistics by rail.

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