BR International Consulting Services (BR ICS) carries out a full service on behalf of international armed forces in the area of loading and securing military equipment on railway wagons. For this purpose, the company provides experts across Europe and thus supports military logistics by rail. The load securing is carried out in compliance with the UIC loading guidelines Volume 1/Volume 2 and the NATO regulations “Allied Movement Publication-4” (AMovP-4) (NEW: “Allied Movements and Transportation Publication-1” – AMandTP-1).

Service Offer

BR ICS carries out a full service in the field of loading and securing military equipment on railway wagons in different countries and loading points in Europe.

Operational Countries include: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

Operational loading points include: seaports, train stations or even military facilities with sidings.

Before the military equipment is loaded onto railway wagons, BR ICS carries out the planning of the wagons and load securing materials required.

When loading, BR ICS checks whether the corresponding wagon types are available. If this is the case, load securing begins with the load securing materials planned in advance.

Once the rail transport arrives at its destination, BR ICS removes the load securing materials and thus enables the military equipment to be safely and smoothly unloaded from the rail car. Depending on the condition of the load securing materials, they are either disposed of or refurbished and stored in one of the company’s warehouses for the next use.

BR ICS also offers its services for wagon breakdowns during transport. BR ICS removes the load securing equipment and carries out a new load securing once the equipment has been reloaded onto a replacement car. All this can be done directly at the location of the breakdown.

The entire service portfolio can also be provided in other countries as required.