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Interconnect Components for the Defence Industry

PRECI-DIP supplies screw-machined contacts for industries including defence and aviation, engineering, electronics and IT.

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Precip-Dip supplies screw-machined contacts for industries, including defence, aviation, engineering, electronics and IT.

The company has developed 300 high-speed turning machines, producing precision contacts made of various copper alloys with a total capacity of more than 150 million pieces a week.

Precision tools and contact assembly machines for the military industery

Precision tools and contact assembly machines are developed, designed and produced by Preci-Dip experts

The multi-fingers clip guarantees a secure mechanical and electrical connection
An expanded view of a Qualified Products List (QPL) contact.
Mated pair of AS39029 QPL contacts using a reverse clip, which allows an early engagement point.
Patented in-line or coaxial design with integrated multifinger elastic contact (clip), which establishes electrical continuity between body and piston.
Heavy duty spring-loaded contacts can be integrated in connectors with a thickness of only 1.5mm only.

The firm’s manufacturing process is completely integrated with a vertical production structure. From raw material to the finished product, each step is under control of Precip-Dip.

Preci-Dip has won international acclaim for its indigenous manufacturing methodologies to produce cutting-edge interconnect components.

Clip technology for mechanical and electrical connection

The key to ensure a secure mechanical and electrical connection is the Preci-Dip Clip.

These clips are precision-manufactured from Beryllium Copper. When heat-treated, they become as hard as steel.

Unlike stamped and formed contacts that can only make a wiping connection to the mating pin surface, Preci-Dip contact clips securely envelop around the mated pin with multiple points of contact.

Preci-Dip has incorporated its unique expertise and tested know-how to develop new MIL socket contacts based on the clip technology.

The contact consists of three parts, separately manufactured and made of different base materials. This design optimises the performance and allows the most appropriate production process to be select individually, including:

  • Contact body made of machined brass
  • Reversed-clip made of stamped and formed beryllium-copper
  • Protection hood made of deep-drawn stainless steel

Separate electroplating processes of body and clip allow the best cost-performance ratio. The assembly of the three parts is then carried out on dedicated, fully automatic assembly lines.

Advantages and characteristics of reversed clips

In comparison with the traditional slotted contact body, the reversed-clip design has several advantages, such as:

  • Smaller difference between insertion and extraction force
  • Reduced dispersion of the force values
  • Better redundancy at the level of the contact point, thanks to six or eight contact fingers

Heavy duty spring-loaded contact

Precip-Dip has developed a unique patented technology which ensures reliable connectivity from piston to barrel using an elastic clip.

This technology is suitable for various applications such as aeronautical connectors, automotive applications, medical devices and smartphone battery connections.

Custom-design contact products

Preci-Dip incorporates thorough research, expertise and qualifications in order to supply the best product possible.

Through close collaboration with the client, the company offers custom-designed products to meet the specific requirements of users.

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