Meteolabor AG develops, engineers, designs and produces high quality protection elements to defend against the destroying effects of overvoltage, EMP, HEMP, NEMP, lightning and microwaves.

The company offers standard solutions for all kind of signals and bandwidths, including standard products to protect power, signals, data and high-frequency signals, as well as customised solutions.

All Meteolabor products are Swiss-made and engineered for an optimal lifespan.

A PIRANHA 6x6 equipped with EMP protection from Meteolabor.
The USP series offers EMP protection for power up to 400 V / 64 A. For larger currents Meteolabor has its PLP and PLP-FC series up to 400 V / 1000 A.
Signals and data are protected from EMP and lightning with the USS-2 series from Meteolabor. Most USS-2 can be used up to 6 Ampere.
The CSP series is used to protect all kind of HF signals, such as radio, GPS, 5G, satelite reception etc. It is equipped with N, BNC or SMA plugs.
Meteolabor has different series for different needs. The image shows USS-1, USS-2 and theUSP series.

Tailored power protection solutions for the defence sector

Various customers from the defence sector worldwide, including the Swiss Armed Forces and the US Marine Corps, trust Meteolabor and its highly professional capabilities to offer tailored solutions. Some of these have been in operation for decades now.

A rapidly growing number of customers highly appreciate the company’s flexibility and have chosen Meteolabor as their partner.

Most protectors combine protection against EMP, lightning and microwaves. The USS-1, USS2, USN and USP are shed with epoxy to withstand shock waves associated with a dirty atomic explosion. All series are made from rustproof materials.

Components, equipment or even complete systems designed to fulfill customer specific needs are just one of the strengths of Meteolabor. Extensive knowledge in highly specialised fields such as EMP (HEMP / NEMP / RFI / MIL-STD-188-125) or measurement of physical parameters enables Meteolabor to provide consulting services or specifically engineered solutions to customers in these fields.

Custom protection solutions for demanding military applications

Meteolabor implemented dozens of customer specific solutions over the years. Some examples are:

  • A mobile lightning protection box for communication trucks.
  • A MIL-STD-188-125 EMP protected IP camera for surveillance of traffic or EMP test chambers.
  • 64 Ampere EMP power protection for a high-speed gun used against aircrafts.
  • Lightning and EMP protection for Nuclear Power Stations.
  • The EMP protection of shelters used in war for the government of several countries.

Modular Attachment Kit (MAK) for trucks

The Modular Attachment Kit (MAK) is our best seller. It is made from a frame in different sizes and various modules, which protect from a wide range of signals. In most cases it also contains a ground module.

One common application is to equip different trucks with the MAK. We currently have over 80 modules for over 80 signals available to use. If the communication in the truck is renewed after a couple of years, the obsolete modules can easily be exchanged and new ones added to the MAK.

USP and PLP solutions to protect power

Meteolabor manufactures two series to protect power entries, the USP and the PLP. The USP series is used for currents up to 64 A and is designed for fixed and mobile use with very low AC blind currents. The PLP series is for fixed installations only.

A typical application is for power inlet into shelters, containers or data centres. The PLP series is capable of handling three phases from 40A up to 1,000A. We do have three PLP-FC models for 40A, 100A, and 200A. PLP-FC are 100% fully compliant to MIL-STD-188-125-1.

USS-1, USS-2 and USN series to protect data signals

For control signals, we have designed the USS-1. It delivers up to 0.5 Ampere. For analogue or digital symmetric signals, such as telephony or video, Meteolabor has its USS-2 which delivers up to 6 Ampere. The USN are designed for fast data like RS-485 or Ethernet and can also be delivered as waterproof versions with MIL plugs.

Innovative solutions for radio frequency (RF) and high frequency (HF) protectors

Meteolabor offers the CSP series for radio communications, GPS or SAT receiver. The small protector works up to frequencies of 8 GHZ. It comes with either N, N75, BNC or a SMA connectors. Some of them have a built-in bypass for DC signals to support power as well.

EMP testing solutions for the military

All our EMP protectors run through several stages of testing. There is a final inspection and electrical test on our inspection automat prior to being released to sales.

The inspection automat follows instructions programmed on a PC and fires a couple of EMP against the device and logs the results. In 2016, we started driving our devices from being threat level compliant (the whole system works after a NEMP) to MIL-STD-188-125 full compliant solutions.

This is more and more requested by our customers. To achieve this, we run our own Montena equipment.