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Flat Tyre Protection for Military and Defence Vehicles

Tyron Runflat has developed a range of solutions for military and security vehicles in the event of a sudden tyre deflation.

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Tyron delivers complete runflat solutions for all wheeled vehicles. Fully certified to ISO 9001:2015, its range of solutions are designed to keep wheeled vehicles moving safely in the event of a sudden tyre deflation.

The company’s two product families are the Tyron All Terrain Rubber Runflat (ATR) and the Tyron Multiband. Both products lines are supplied and supported around the globe.

Multipart All Terrain Rubber (ATR) runflat

Suitable for a wide range of military and security force off-road vehicles, Tyron’s ATR Runflats provide mobility and safety during and after tyre deflation, allowing the driver to continue the mission and/or get back to base. They do this by guaranteeing beadlock, which prevents the tyre spinning at low pressure, or in the event of ballistic attack, blow out or puncture.

Tyron ATR Multipart Runflats maintain operational availability as they allow for tyre changes in the field using standard workshop tools. In doing so, Tyron Multipart Runflats significantly reduce logistical costs by up to 50% compared to existing single piece rubber runflats.

Multipart All-Terrain Rubber Runflat (ATR)
Tyron Multiband for Defence and Security
Tyron Multiband for Defence and Security
TYRON wheel with and without MultiBands

Tyron ATR Carbon Runflats can achieve up to 40% weight reduction in the Runflat, which can lead to up to 250kg unsprung weight saving on an 8×8 AFV.

The Tyron ATR Single Piece Runflat with beadlock is a direct, cost-effective alternative to what is currently available; while the ATR Custom brings the benefit of rubber runflats to standard wheels.

All Tyron ATR solutions are compatible with CTIS.

Tyron ATR Runflats are manufactured to comply with the on- and off-road Finabel standards and are TUV validated (ATR TUV testing validated to 100km Finabel A.20.A (20.A.5)).


Tyron MultiBands provide mobility and safety during and after sudden tyre deflation, which helps the driver to continue to a safe place to seek assistance or change the wheel.

The MultiBand converts standard wheels to safety wheels by locking the tyre to the wheel; helping to maintain steering, cornering, and braking control during a high-speed blowout or puncture and giving short distance runflat capability with two or more deflated tyres so you can continue to a safe place.

Complete wheel assembly for all terrain environments

Tyron also provides complete wheel and tyre solutions fit for the most demanding environments.

These combine the strength of the bolt together with steel or aluminium wheels, along with the multipiece Tyron ATR to provide a very high level of road performance – which is not possible with a composite solution.

Tyron multi-piece wheels guarantee bead lock.

For applications where weight is a limiting factor, Tyron R4 Forged Alloy wheels are 50% lighter than steel wheels; and Tyron R4 Cast are also lighter than steel wheels.

Tyron provides a full assembly service offering a complete wheel, tyre and runflat system fully assembled.

Distance and speed testing and ballistic protection

Tyron’s ATR solution has been extensively tested in accordance with the internationally recognised Finabel standards for distance and speed. During all the tests the Tyron ATR far exceeded requirements.

The ATR has been ballistically tested. Five shots were fired into the side of the runflat and two into the tread area from 50m with an AK47 using 7.62mm bullets and an M16 using 5.56mm rounds.

Special effort was made to hit the fixings with one round making a direct hit on the fixing head, which ricocheted off and another hitting the washer and was absorbed.

The other three simply passed through the rubber system. The two shots into the tread area around the fixings were absorbed and none of the shooting had any effect on the performance of the runflat system.

The same test was also carried out at only 25m with the same results. In total, 35 rounds were fired at the runflat with no structural integrity damage.

White Papers

  • Tyron Product Overview 2021

    Tyron's All Terrain Rubber runflats and beadlocks are used for all force protection applications. Our multi-band tyres are designed for blue light, lightweight snatch, and staff/VIP automotive and commercial vehicles in an urban environment. We offer single piece, two piece and three piece wheel solutions in steel and aluminium.

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