The MAX armoured personnel carrier is offered by South Africa-based SVI Engineering. Image courtesy of Special Vehicle Industries (SVI) Engineering.
The maximum speed of the vehicle is 110km/h. Image courtesy of Special Vehicle Industries (SVI) Engineering.
The MAX armoured vehicle can carry up to 3,000kg of payload. Image courtesy of Special Vehicle Industries (SVI) Engineering.
The vehicle can accommodate eight personnel. Image courtesy of Special Vehicle Industries (SVI) Engineering.

The Max armoured personnel carrier (APC) is the latest armoured vehicle offered by SVI Engineering, a luxury and armoured vehicle manufacturer based in South Africa.

Development of the MAX armoured vehicle began in 2016 and the vehicle was finally unveiled in March this year.

The vehicle is primarily designed to address the operational requirements of customers based in Africa. It combines state-of-the-art technologies and rugged features into a single platform without compromising on quality.

SVI MAX APC design and features

Featuring a 4 x 4 wheel drive configuration, the MAX APC has a spacious structure based on a stronger chassis with large ground clearance. It integrates a conventional layout with engine at the front and seating arrangement in the middle and rear sections respectively.

The hull of the vehicle is strengthened with the usage of reinforced materials. It is fitted with two doors on either side, while the rear features a hydraulic supported folding door, which allows for rapid movement of troops or injured patients and cargo into the vehicle. It can also be used as an emergency exit in hostile conditions.

The vehicle integrates a curved windscreen and large windows fitted on the doors to increase the situational awareness of the occupants. The foldable troop’s seats increase the comfort level offered by the vehicle.

The vehicle features a left hand drive (LHD) configuration and can carry up to eight personnel, including a driver and seven passengers. The advanced controller area network (CAN) bus electrical system aboard the vehicle supports the digital display mounted on the dashboard.

The MAX APC measures 6.4m-long, 2.4m-wide and 2.6m-high, and has a wheelbase of 3.6m. The vehicle has the maximum payload carrying capacity of 3,000kg.

MAX variants

Developed in multiple configurations, the MAX armoured vehicle offers the flexibility to customise the base model into different configurations according to the mission requirements.

The variants of the vehicle include military ambulance, police vehicle, law enforcement agency vehicle, SWAT vehicle, personnel carrier, pickup vehicle, command truck, mortar carrier, and peace-keeping vehicle.

“The vehicle is primarily designed to address the operational requirements of customers based in Africa.”

The design of the military ambulance is altered in order to carry more injured troops from the battlefield to the hospital. The vehicles used by the police are designed to perform patrolling activities and law enforcement duties during riots.

The pick-up truck and the command vehicle variants are designed mainly for carrying cargo and equipment respectively. The military variant features a roof-mounted weapon system, which enhances the self-protection level of the vehicle.

The armoured vehicle can also be used as a recovery vehicle when fitted with mission-specific equipment. The recovery and towing mechanisms can be integrated into the vehicle to enable recovery operations, while the layout is changed into a 6 x 6 configuration by integrating an additional rear axle.

Survivability and self-protection features

The vehicle offers STANAG level 1 ballistic protection and can be upgraded to a higher level if needed. It can withstand 7.62mm x 33mm calibre rounds and 7.62mm x 51mm Nato ammunition.

The base level protection can be increased to STANAG 4569 AEP 5 level 3A/3B to protect the troops from blast impacts.

Engine and mobility

The MAX APC features a turbocharged Cummins 6.7l diesel engine coupled to a six-speed Allison automatic gearbox with six forward gears and a reverse gear. It powers the vehicle to attain a maximum speed of 110km/h.

The AxleTech suspension system fitted to the vehicle ensures high mobility and ride comfort on rough terrains.

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