EAGLE Protected Ambulance Vehicle

The EAGLE protected ambulance vehicle is a variant of the EAGLE IV series of vehicles. The ambulances are continuously being deployed by Germany and some other countries in international peace missions.

On 5 November 2009, the German Army awarded a contract for the delivery of 20 EAGLE ambulance vehicles to General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS). The vehicles are planned to be deployed in service with Bundeswehr and are thought to increase the safety of German soldiers in combat.

The associated logistics services are also included in the contract awarded to GDELS, which is part of General Dynamics. The vehicles were manufactured at GDELS’s operating sites in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, and Kaiserslautern, Germany, and were delivered in March 2011.

The EAGLE vehicle has already demonstrated its protection, reliability and mobility capabilities in operations in Afghanistan.

EAGLE protected ambulance vehicle features

The EAGLE ambulance can accommodate two medical personnel, one driver and two passengers. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 110km/h on road. It has a height of 2.4m, a length of 5.4m and a width of 2.16m, and can manage a gradient of up to 60%.

The vehicle is designed to enable the transportation and medical treatment of patients under ballistic, mine and IED protection. It is equipped with an NBC overpressure system.

"The EAGLE ambulance can accommodate two medical personnel, one driver and two passengers."

The baseline equipment of the vehicle includes an air-conditioning system, vehicle information system, run-flat tyres, can bus system and a preheat unit, which consists of a heated power mirror and electrically heated bulletproof glass.

EAGLE vehicles have the advantage of low operation and training costs. The logistic commonality of the ambulance vehicle with the EAGLE GFF 2 Class vehicles and the YAK tactical truck, both of which have already been successfully deployed in the German Army, gives the added benefit of lower lifecycle costs.

The vehicle shares many common features with the EAGLE GFF 2 Class vehicles and the YAK tactical truck, such as the engine, transmission, axles, wheel drives, differentials and brakes.

Protected ambulance vehicle armament

The ambulance vehicle is equipped with electrically welded high-hardness armour steel plates with provisions for add-on armour and mine protection kits. The vehicle’s ballistic and mine protection meets the STANAG 4569 standard and is AEP55 certified.

EAGLE ambulance vehicle orders and deliveries

By November 2008, the German Army or German Bundesamt fur Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (BWB) had ordered a total of 198 EAGLE IV 4×4 vehicles from GDELS . The delivery of the first batch of 25 vehicles was ordered in July 2008.

The contract for the order, worth Є92m ($140m) was awarded to MOWAG Operations of GDELS. The option to deliver an additional 173 vehicles and develop a logistic and service support organisation, valued in total at Є105.7m ($141m), is part of the contract.

"EAGLE vehicles have the advantage of low operation and training costs."

In early 2006, BWB purchased two EAGLE ambulances for performing intensive comparative tests. The tests resulted in EAGLE being proved as a vehicle with a high protection level for its crew, in addition to superior mobility, high payload and a large usable volume. The results encouraged the German Army to order 198 vehicles in 2008.

The 20 EAGLE ambulance vehicles ordered in November 2009 were in addition to the 198 vehicles ordered earlier. In April 2011, the German Army placed an order for 22 EAGLE ambulance vehicles.

Protected ambulance engine

The EAGLE vehicles are powered by a 245hp Cummins turbocharged diesel engine. The engine is connected with an Allison five-speed automatic transmission and the unique DeDion axle system.

EAGLE ambulance vehicle mobility

Due to the EAGLE ambulance vehicle’s highly deployable, agile and tactically mobile features, it is suitable for the entire mission spectrum in the EAGLE class of vehicles. The vehicle is equipped with a tyre pressure control system and permanent all-wheel drive, which help in providing superior on-road and off-road mobility.

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