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Special Purpose Vehicles and Equipment for Military Organisations

E-1203, Songdo BRC Smart Valley,
30 Songdo Mirae-ro,
21990 Incheon,
South Korea

E-1203, Songdo BRC Smart Valley,
30 Songdo Mirae-ro,
21990 Incheon,
South Korea

UBS Corp

UBS supplies an extensive range of military and police special purpose vehicles and equipment, from riot control water cannon vehicles and armoured wheeled vehicles to military uniforms.

Water cannon vehicles for efficient riot control

The UBS water cannon vehicle provides powerful, multi-functional water shooting for efficient riot control.

Its key features include a variety of self-defence systems and mixing solutions such as foam, tear gas and paint, as well as a state-of-the-art computerised operating system and fully customised options.

Auto-barricade vehicles for riot protection

Auto-barricade vehicles consist of a quick-foldable barrier system that is operated by a hydraulic cylinder to combat riots.

Each vehicle includes a metal mesh and poly-carbonate shield for troop protection.

Mobile barbed-wire barrier laying trailer

UBS’ mobile barbed-wire barrier laying trailer comprises a quick deployment and retrieval system that is operated by an electric motor system.

The trailer can also be operated using remote or manual controls.

Riot control personnel equipment for military applications

UBS offers a wide range of military personnel equipment to combat riot control, including anti-riot protectors and hand grenades, helmets, shields, bullets, batons and handcuffs. The company also supplies and gas masks for National Bureau of Standard (NBC) compliant gas masks or tear gas protection.

Armoured personnel carriers for military, police and security forces

The versatile, 4×4 armoured vehicle is suitable for various military, police and security applications, protects against shells measuring 7.62mm and provides strong armament and custom-made options.

Available chassis’ range from Unimog / FGA (DAZ), Land Cruiser, Ford and Hyundai.

Special purpose vehicles range

UBS has a wide range of special purpose vehicles, including firefighting and rescue vehicles, water / oil transporting tank lorries, environmental vehicles such as arm roll, press pack, road sweepers and aerial work platform trucks.

About UBS

UBS provides advanced military and police products and equipment to the defence industry. The company is registered as an export business for major defence products in accordance with the Act on Defense Programme in South Korea.

Since establishment, UBS, as the authorised supplier of major defence items and special purpose vehicles, successfully introduced wide range of military and police tactical products such as 5.56mm light machine gun system (K3) to Columbia Special Force, military new battle dress uniforms (BDU) and field equipment to South Sudan, ammunition magazines and accessories to Iraq, bulletproof equipment, various military and police gears to Saudi Arabia, military field equipment and police gears to Angola, Dot-sights and riot-control equipment to Kuwait MOI, ammunition magazines and pouches to US commercial dealers, ballistic helmet with face shield, mobile security barrier, gas mask, weapon hard case, tactical rappelling gears, full optioned 4×4 armoured personnel carriers and water supplying vehicles to Vietnam mobile police command and firefighting police.

Please feel free to call us at any time. Our knowledgeable staff prides itself on listening to what you have to say.

Riot Control Water Cannon

The riot control water cannon vehicle from UBS provides powerful, multi-functional water shooting and comes with a range of features.

UBS Corp.

E-1203, Songdo BRC Smart Valley

30 Songdo Mirae-ro




South Korea