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Manufacturer of Multiple Grenade Launcher, UAVs, Armoured Carriers, and Naval Interceptors

Milkor specialises in the supply of air, land, sea and weapons systems. Developing and manufacturing world-leading technologies, Milkor has successfully delivered over 70,000 systems to 67 countries around the world.

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Unit 18 and 20 Diamond Office Park,
70 Jakaranda Street,
South Africa

With an ever-growing presence in the world defence market and an established reputation for continued operational support, Milkor and its products is a key ally to any country that implements its products in their defence force.

Advanced solutions to counter threats in counterinsurgency and surveillance

The global defence industry has always been at the forefront of technological advancements to gather information, support ground troops and perform highly strategic operations. With defence capabilities growing at a rapid pace, the threats to national security and peace also increase. Countries should continuously improve on their own capabilities to protect their borders, intelligence and people. Realising that these improvements and threats will continue for the foreseeable future, Milkor has aligned its product range to target the biggest threats in counterinsurgency and surveillance.

The Milkor 380 medium altitude long endurance (MALE) Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV).
The Milkor High Speed Interceptor and Patrol Craft. Hydrofoil assisted with catamaran design allow long endurance surveillance.
The Milkor 4x4 with B7 Ballistic Protection, v-hull design capable of 10-12 troop occupation.
Milkor specialises in 40mm lethal and 37/38mm less lethal weapon systems.
The Milkor 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL). A suppressive fire weapon with a maximum range of 2 200m and a cyclic fire rate of 450 rounds per minute.
The Milkor SuperSix handheld Multiple Round Grenade Launcher (MGRL). Capable of firing 800m effective range.
The Milkor Stopper Convertible. A lightweight single shot grenade launcher capable of firing lethal and less lethal ammunition.
The Milkor Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL). A lightweight breakopen action grenade launcher that can be mounted onto any Assault Rifle.
The Milkor Mk 1 S/L Multiple Round Grenade Launcher (MGRL). A rugged and proven 40mm weapon system that can operate in extreme environments.
The Milkor Multiple Anti Riot (MAR) weapon system. Capable of firing various less lethal ammunitions make it ideal for police and anti-riot personnel.

Providing countries with world leading technologies and support, Milkor aids in growing the capability of various branches of the defence and security sectors. Specialised land and weapons systems are provided to armies and special forces to perform strategic operations. Unmanned arial systems provide surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition capabilities to central intelligence, air force and artillery branches. High speed patrol boats provide naval branches with the ability to conduct long endurance surveillance missions. Police and anti-riot branches also benefit from our less-than-lethal grenade weapon systems to control unrest and protests in highly populated areas.

Air Capabilities

Milkor specialises in the development and integration of Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV) used for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Aircraft design and fabrication, communications and avionics upgrades and system (payloads and sensors) integration are some of the key services that Milkor can provide. Its’ own UAV platform, the MILKOR 380, features an impressive 30-hour endurance, a 2,000+ km range with Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) communications and multiple sensor and payload integration options.

Land Systems

Armoured Personnel Carriers are an asset to ensure the safe deployment of troops in hostile environments. Protecting troops from hidden threats and heavy fire during hostile operations is critical in ensuring a mission’s success. Milkor specialises in developing armoured 4X4 vehicles that can be used for multiple applications. Featuring a V-hull design to protect occupants against landmines and Ballistic Protection levels up to B7, the occupants’ safety remains the highest priority and forms part of the core design philosophies. These vehicles are easily modified to perform multiple operations ranging from troop deployment to border security patrol vehicles and VIP protection.

Naval Systems

Milkor has developed long endurance patrol vessels that are able to patrol shorelines or large lakes for up to five days at a time. The inclusion of sleeping births and living quarters inside the hull of the boat, allows a crew of up to four people to comfortably remain on the waters and perform surveillance operations. Combatting illegal offshore activities such as piracy, illegal fishing and security threats to offshore oil rigs are vital to further establish safe trade routes and economic stability in any country. State of the art electronics and a full weapon integration capability are included in the vessel’s design and ensures that crew members can easily identify, monitor and engage potential threats on the oceans.

Weapons Capabilities

As the original designer and manufacturer of the handheld 40mm multiple grenade launcher weapon systems, it is no surprise that Milkor remains the world leader in 40mm grenade launchers. With different weapons developed for infantry, special forces, police, and anti-riot personnel, Milkor has established a large range of 40mm and 38mm/37mm weapon systems that can be incorporated by all branches of defence and security. The latest addition to the family features a fully automatic 40mm grenade launcher (AGL) that can be used as a suppressive fire weapon and can also be integrated onto multiple vehicle platforms.

Milkor’s origin and future vision

Established in 1981, Milkor has become the world leader in 40mm multiple grenade launcher weapon systems. Over the years, Milkor has developed into a turnkey defence solutions provider specialising in unmanned air, land, sea and weapons systems. All designs and manufacturing are carried out by Milkor, enabling them to deliver bespoke solutions to any end-user’s requirements.

Press Releases

  • Milkor Advances Versatile 40mm Grenade Launcher Weapon Systems

    Milkor, a South African based defence group, established itself in 1981 and gained widespread popularity due to their design and development of the first 6-shot 40mm MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher). Since then, Milkor has expanded their weapon range significantly, improving the capabilities of armed forces worldwide.

  • Milkor Evolves its Land System Capabilities

    Since launching its Milkor 4x4 armoured personnel carrier (APC) in 2018, the company has been evolving the vehicle and now offers desert and anti-riot versions – the latter was deployed during the July 2021 unrest in South Africa.

  • Milkor Presents Newest UAV Solution, the Milkor 380

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have become an integral part of modern warfare. Over the past two decades, military drones have primarily been used for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions and precision airstrikes.

  • Milkor Customizations of Weapon Systems

    Milkor is continuously expanding their weapon division by growing their customisability to satisfy even more end-user requirements. These customizations include a variety of sight and elevation systems on their existing 40mm grenade launcher range as well as modifications to the Under Barrel Grenade Launchers (UBGL).

  • Milkor Deepens its Roots in Arabia

    Localization, bespoke solutions and end user incorporation are some of the processes in Milkor’s arsenal to provide world leading systems to the defense sector.

Unit 18 and 20 Diamond Office Park
70 Jakaranda Street
South Africa

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