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Barrier Walls and Structures

DefenCell is a range of protection products manufactured in the UK and the USA from tough, durable and internationally renowned Terram and Fiberweb geotextile material.

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DefenCell is a range of protection products manufactured in the UK and the USA from tough, durable and internationally renowned Terram and Fiberweb geotextile material. With enhanced UV protection, it is jointed to create strong cellular products that suit many different applications. Walls can be made to any thickness, are easily filled using locally available materials and are usually constructed in ‘layers’ to the desired height and length.

Logistical solutions for wall construction

All parts are man portable, with a typical 1.75m x 5.00m section weighing less than 12kg and easy to handle. It can be safely dropped from a truck or helicopter with no risk of damage.

Over 2.8km of 1.25m wide, 1.60m high wall can be transported in a single 40ft shipping container – four times more than metal gabions.

Blast mitigation walls

DefenCell is in service with the UK Ministry of Defence and is deployed in Afghanistan, providing ballistic protection. The system has also been supplied to US DoD as well as the French, Italian, Spanish and Canadian forces and various NGOs. It is ideal for protecting camps and accommodation, fuel dumps, ammunition stores and other sensitive installations, as well as revetments for aircraft and helicopter protection.

DefenCell has versatile uses for forward operating bases or training houses.
Collective protection shelter using DefenCell to provide blast mitigation.
DefenCell is used by UK Forces in Afghanistan to provide ballistic protection.
DefenCell hostile vehicle mitigation successfully tested to PAS 68 and US K12 standards.
One metre high DefenCell floodwall providing protection in Canada.

DefenCell products are completely non-metallic, removing the risk of secondary shrapnel or RF interference so are perfect for training and live fire applications. The durable materials do not deteriorate in harsh or wet operating conditions but are easy to remove and environmentally friendly.

Modular design for ballistic protection

The modular design is versatile and flexible, allowing different sizes to be combined for enhanced protection and specific tasks. The natural appearance of the material allows the barrier to quickly blend to its surroundings. It has been ballistically tested against ammunition up to 25mm cannon, including APDS and tracer, as well as blast testing against threats of over 1000lbs TNT. The cellular design dissipates energy and absorbs shrapnel.

Hostile vehicle protection barriers

DefenCell can be used to provide effective permanent or temporary barriers for hostile vehicle mitigation and to construct checkpoints, chicanes and guard posts. DefenCell vehicle barriers have been tested against a variety of threats to PAS68 and K12 international standards. Again, the light weight of Defencell and its rapid deployability make it ideal for stand-alone operations or to temporarily enhance existing security measures.

Flood protection barriers

Successful tests at the US Army Corps of Engineers laboratory (ERDC) have proven DefenCell to be an effective flood protection product. Recent installations in US and Canada have shown the enormous logistical and time advantages over sandbags and other flood protection systems. Barrier walls can be constructed to provide flood protection, either to protect infrastructure or to raise existing levees temporarily in emergency.

DefenCell is a truly versatile product and is also suitable for a wide selection of civil and homeland security applications. Panels of cellular material can be used for ground stabilisation, preparing roadways and for building hard-standing areas for vehicle and aircraft movement.

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