EID is one of the leading high-tech companies in Portugal, with a proven record and solid know-how in the fields of electronics, communications and software engineering. EID designs, manufactures and supplies advanced, high-performance equipment and systems, primarily for the worldwide defence community, offering a comprehensive range of tactical and field military communications products, including intercom systems, field switchboards, field telephones and combat net radios.

Quality, performance, competitiveness and full technical support have been instrumental to the establishment of trusting, long-lasting partnerships with our customers all over the world.

Vehicular intercom

The ICC-201 and ICC-251 Digital Intercom systems are the optimal solution for vehicular and shelter-based applications. They enable intercommunication among crew members of an armoured vehicle, a shelter, or a fast patrol boat with their access to radio equipment providing voice and data communications, either over the air or via standard copper or ruggedised fibre optic cables. Voice-over IP (VoIP) functionality for inter-vehicular communication and connection to IP-based tactical backbones is also possible.

The ICC-201 central unit on the vehicular docking station, crew terminal and commander terminal.
The TWH-101 provides secure wireless voice and data squad communication and integration with CNRs and Intercom systems.
The CD-116 architecture and modularity makes it the right choice for integrating field communications. Its robustness, small size and weight make it particularly suitable for mobility, reliability and maintainability requirements.
The BLC-201 offers CB, CBS and LB Operation with Pulse or DTMF dialing in a rugged, lightweight and waterproof plastic case.
Two PRC-525 installed in a Docking Station with two embedded VHF power amplifiers.

Tactical wireless headset personal radio

The TWH-100 series personal radio is the most compact military low-power transceiver in its class, offering advanced features at an effective cost. It operates on 2.4GHz using DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology and AES encryption for low probability of detection and secure operation. Furthermore, it allows full duplex voice conference and simultaneous data transmission and includes two full sized PTT buttons for differentiated access (CNR/Intercom). Its exclusive ergonomic design, small form factor and high autonomy (from two AA NiMH or Alkaline cells) makes it the perfect solution for squad team communication and integration with Combat Net Radios and Intercom Systems in the battlefield.

Field digital switchboard

The CD-116 field digital switchboard is a state-of-the-art digital switching unit for military field tactical networks requiring integration of voice and data communications. With the CD-116, a wide range of equipment may be integrated in a field communications system, including:

  • Analogue telephones: common battery (CB), common battery signalling (CBS) and local battery (LB)
  • Digital terminals and computers
  • Combat net radios and other type of radio sets
  • Other switchboards, even old magnet type ones

A highly compact solution provides complete system accessibility through front and rear connectors and binding posts. The operator terminal is integrated in the front panel and includes an alphanumeric VF display, a keyboard and the operator handset / headset connector.

Rugged field telephone

The BLC-201 field telephone is a rugged, lightweight and waterproof analogue telephone set designed according to military requirements and suitable for connection to manual (magneto) or automatic two-wire switchboards, to a similar telephone or directly to the public telephone network (PSTN).

The telephone’s electronics are based on DSP technology, using a high efficiency electronic ring generator for low power consumption and long battery life and operates in CB, CBS or LB modes. Silent calls with extra microphone amplification are allowed by selecting the ‘whisper mode’ operation.

HF, VHF and UHF combat net radio

The PRC-525 high-performance digital combat net radio covers HF, VHF and UHF bands with a single piece of equipment. Thanks to different high-speed data modes and protocols as well as different anti-jam modes, it perfectly integrates into secure tactical communications networks. This software-defined radio enables new features and releases to be simply downloaded, even when deployed in the field. A full line of accessories is available, including radio docking stations with embedded VHF power amplifier, remote consoles, antenna tuning unit (HF ATU) and wire antennas.

All accessories are fully compatible with Rohde & Schwarz M3TR combat net radio.

VHF antenna multicoupler

The MA-250 is a VHF wide-band antenna multicoupler which allows the connection of 2 VHF transmitters to a single antenna, reducing the number of antennas in radio communication systems.