The current evolution of tactical scenarios based on Ethernet networks is increasing the need to integrate digital voice over IP (VoIP), file transfer, image and video transmission and web based applications on the field. The digital IP based ICC-201 intercom system and PRC-525 tactical combat net radio comply with the aforementioned needs, improving simultaneously the connectivity, interoperability, flexibility and mobility.

EID tactical network solutions bring to the market a product line that ts C4I costumer needs increasing the command, control and communications capability in a seamless way providing a full range of solutions to help the deployment of state-of-the-art IP-based tactical networks, from simple wire to optical bre Ethernet converters and vehicular power supplies to sophisticated rugged servers, rugged router/switches, radio access points and radio-VoIP gateways.

Radio VoIP gateway

The ICC-201 Digital Intercom System has a key role on tactical Ethernet solutions since it is an IP based concept that enables the integration and deployment of hardly any operational scenarios in a robust, compact and seamless way.

SR-201 rugged server

The SR-201 is a compact and rugged server dedicated to run specic costumer software applications, either locally or through Ethernet client/server connections, such as battle management system, military message handling system and VoIP Gatekeeper.

CL-201 Connection Box for SR-201

The CL-201 Connection Box was designed to allow the use of commercial devices such as keyboard, mouse, webcam, etc, with four dedicated USB-A and two DB9 RS232 standard connectors.