The PRC-525 high-performance digital radio covers HF, VHF and UHF bands using a single unit.

Thanks to dierent high-speed data modes and protocols as well as dierent antijam modes, it perfectly integrates into secure tactical communications networks.

All versions of the PRC-525 family are based on one mechanical platform, with a common logistic concept and the same man machine interface.

The equipment is software dened, so new features and releases can be simply downloaded even in the field.

PRC-525 new generation combat net radio

The PRC-525 represents a revolution in the digital battlefield, enabling maximum flexibility in terms of frequency bands, waveforms and functions.

The PRC-525 based systems provide data routing, switching capability and interfacing to tactical analogue and digital networks, LAN and WAN networks, as well as PCs and other data terminal equipment connectivity. It is therefore the ideal choice for multiple roles, like network functions and mobile stations for command-and-control systems.

The tactical radios can be used in portable, vehicular and stationary applications including installations in movable shelters. The rugged hardware complies with the relevant MIL standards for environmental conditions. A great variety of accessories are available from EID and other suppliers for dierent required applications.

AP-525V50W VHF power amplier

The AP-525V is a linear power amplier integrated on thePRC-525 tactical multiband radio family and designed to be fitted on vehicular docking stations like the MT-525. It allows continuousoperation from 30MHz to 108MHz with 50W PEP/CW transmit power supporting voice and data communications either in analogue or digital modes featuring high data rate modem up to 72Kbps and high speed frequency hopping (> 500 hops/s). Thecontrol is fully automatic and includes built in protection andmonitoring functions.

For the full range of EID vehicular radio solutions, please download the document below.