ICC-201 and ICC-251 are software defined digital intercoms for vehicular and shelter-based communications. Its architecture allows local communication amongst crew members of armoured vehicles, small vessels or shelters and their access to radio equipment; voice and data communications are supported, either over the air or via copper and optical fibre cable.

Both intercom systems are compatible with existing combat net radios, supporting voice, data and radio remote control and featuring internal active noise cancellation for high-quality voice intercom in very noisy environments.

Customisation and versatility are key benefits of these intercom systems; several central units and terminals are available to best adapt to specific operational requirements.

ICC-201 performs as a comprehensive integrated communications centre. As such the ICC-201 digital IP-enhanced intercom allows concurrent software applications: intercom for intercommunication between between crew members and external parties via radio communication and radio gateway for radio integration on military VoIP (voice over IP) networks. Ethernet switching, embedded optional IP routing, WIFI access point and embedded computer to run user applications (VoIP call control, BMS, etc.) are available features.

ICC-251 compat digital intercom system includes a built-in commander terminal in a ruggedised and very compact design. This unit was specifically designed for usage in vehicles where space is at a premium, but advanced features such as noise cancellation, voice priority over data and radio remote control are required.