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Renice Technology develops and manufactures solid state storage solutions with high-performance and reliability.

The firm designs and manufactures 2.5 inch SATAII, SATAIII, 2.5 inch PATA IDE, 1.8 inch microSATA, mSATA, half slim, compact flash card, CFast, SD Card, native USB3.0 SSD and SSD Controller.

Renice accumulated strong technical support and rich experience for industries such as automation, military and aviation, marine, defence, automotive, intelligent transportation, medical and enterprise storage areas.

The X5 2.5 inch SATAII SSD offers power failure protection and secure erase functions. It can be used for industry applications for data security.
The H1 Compact Flash Card has been designed with standard 50 Pin IDE interface, wide-operating temperature, anti-shock and vibration features, overvoltage protection and power failure protection, high-stability and reliability.
The U3 2.5 inch USB3.0 SSD offers unique features, such as AES-256bit encryption, power-failure protection and write protection,
The SD HC Card delivers high reliability, durability and data security, Industrial operating Temp. , power failure protection and write protection.
X1 CFast Card delivers excellent R/W performance and reliability with small form factor.
Renice X9 SATAIII delivers capacity up to 640GB, excellent performance of 4K Random Read/Write, power failure protection, Over Voltage & Incrush Current Protection.

Industrial storage solution for embedded / industrial requirements

Embedded/industrial applications require high-performance and reliability as they often operate in harsh environments.

Being compact and cost-effective, Renice X5 series SATAII / mSATA / Half Slim are ideal storage solutions for embedded, automotive, medical, and networking appliances.

Data security and integrity are also crucial factors, meanwhile fixed bill of material (BOM) control and engineering change notice (ECN) management is a must for long-term supply to embedded and industrial application.

Customised, unique functions and services are provided to clients in accordance with their appliance.

Compact flash card and CFast card for power protection and safety

With standard compact flash form factor, Renice H1 CF card series provide rugged and reliable memory for a wide range of demanding applications.

H1 is designed based on the military and industrial standard and supports wide-operating temperature, over-voltage protection and power fail safety issues to long-term supply with controlled BOM, which make H1 fit for harsh environment application.

Industrial Grade SD/SDHC Card

Renice S8 SDHC card is specially developed for industrial and embedded application, with a high-performance, extended operating temperature of -40°C to 85°C, power failure protection and write protection.

The firm offers technical support from its experienced FAE team and invests in developing high quality and high reliability products with new technologies.

Military-class high-reliability data storage devices

Renice X9 series SSD is a military-class high reliability storage device that is used for different fields, such as military (army, air force and navy), defence, aerospace and other mission critical applications that require high-reliability and high-endurance.

The device is based on an ECC 64bit, which is a must to make sure that 1X nm is well-supported. Based on current Roadmap from NAND vendors, 1X nm will be available for next five years. This means that the engineer’s team will not need to re-evaluate another SSD solution based on totally different controller in this time period.

Renice has extensive experience in project management with government contractors for BOM fixed and customised development.

Now the company is developing its own controller to provide reliable solutions, which can be customised on request to suit different applications, for power protection, encryption support, secure erase and long-term supply.

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