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Workspace, Vehicular Logistics, Capability Development and Support

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group drew together the capabilities, skills and expertise across the Land Systems businesses of the Marshall Group.

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Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group specialises in providing deployable infrastructure or shelters, vehicle systems and support services to military forces worldwide.

  • More than 6,000 shelters in more than 200 configurations are in service
  • We have delivered more than 80,000 vehicle bodies
  • We have designed, manufactured and delivered in excess of 9,000 DROPS flat racks
  • Produced in excess of 7,000 loadbeds
  • Provided support solutions that have kept our customers ready to deploy on operations wherever they are needed

All this is possible because of our wealth of company capabilities, from systems engineering, programme management, requirements capture, supply chain management, design and manufacturing, to the complete support package.

Deployable infrastructure

For the past six decades, our experience and expertise has positioned us at the forefront of the market for complex, deployable, integrated workspace solutions. These can be both hard and soft-skinned shelters, fitted with not only complete electrical and water requirements but also CBRN protection and decontamination facilities.

We design, develop and project manage bespoke, high-quality robust solutions that satisfy requirements across a range of fields, including deployable C4, medical, scientific investigation, hospital, command and control, specialist workshops, air traffic control and ground control stations.

More than 6,000 shelters manufactured by Marshall are in service, including expandable or Matrix™ shelters.
Marshall has supplied Deployable Workshop units to clients such as the Royal Air Force (RAF).
Marshall has provided fully integrated deployable chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRN) decontamination units.
Marshall is providing static and full motion driver training simulators to the British Army’s AJAX armoured vehicle programme as part of a team led by XPI.
Marshall provides shelters for a range of specialist tasks such as explosive ordnance disposal (EOD).
Marshall has received contracts to refurbish a wide range of in-service equipment including portable aircraft arrestor gear (PAAG).
Marshall’s modular role 3 hospitals feature departments such as resuscitation rooms, operating theatres, intensive care wards, and advanced diagnostics, as well as recovery wards and laboratory facilities.
Marshall has provided CT Scanners to four NATO nations.
The company has manufactured more than 6,700 load beds for UK support vehicles and fitted both cranes and tail lifts.
Marshall has provided equipment for the tactical information and geospatial analysis system for the British Army.

Our hard-skinned shelters can be manufactured to meet a range of requirements such as:

  • Ballistic protection
  • EMC protection
  • Air conditioning fitted with DROPS hooks
  • Expandable via our patented Matrix™ solution

ISR infrastructure

The effects of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) are potentially game-changing in the defence and security arena. Mobile ISR capability makes this asset even more valuable as it enables the commander to have the technology close to the task.

Marshall has extensive experience designing, integrating and delivering ISR vehicles and shelters. Working in partnership with suppliers and prime contractors, we have developed systems to a range of specifications, which are in service worldwide.

Our previous projects include:

  • Air defence systems
  • Geospatial intelligence mobile work rooms
  • Staff working environments
  • Radio broadcast control stations
  • Ground control stations

Our ISR mobile and deployable systems are designed and manufactured to survive operations whilst deployed in hostile environments. They are highly mobile, quickly deployable, autonomous, well-protected, ruggedised systems that allow users to maximise the net-centric warfare environment.

Deployable medical systems

We understand the specialist nature of deployable medical systems and supply facilities that enhance patient care across the military and humanitarian healthcare spectrum.

These include:

  • Battlefield casualty evacuation, ranging from stretcher loading to complete ambulance fit out
  • Complete deployable modular medical facilities from Role 1 to Role 3, including full CBRN protection if required
  • Medical logistics, including the storage and distribution of medical consumables, medical waste management, clinical gas management and the supply and distribution of power and water
  • Medical facility infrastructure such as accommodation, ablutions, kitchens, laundry and other hospital facilities
  • Mobile CT Scanners, operating theatres, laboratories and other individual modules that can be integrated into existing facilities
  • Conversion of aircraft for tactical and strategic medical evacuation roles

Camp infrastructure

We facilitate infrastructure requirements from large-base camp installations of great technical complexity to smaller forward patrol bases, requiring more intuitive design and technologies.

We take full account of the complexities and apply our significant experience of shelter structure design and integration, to supply a diverse range of modular and scalable deployable infrastructure capabilities.

Thanks to our in-depth understanding and effective requirements capture, we satisfy camp infrastructure demands across power, water and waste management, secure storage, including fuel and munitions storage through to staff working environments, workshops and catering facilities.

CBRN systems

Fast, reliable detection of CBRN materials and other toxic substances, even in difficult conditions and adverse environments, is a life-or-death capability requirement. If military, government and civilian organisations are to mitigate the risk posed by CBRN materials, real-time hazard awareness and analysis is imperative before, during and after an incident. This includes CBRN hazard detection, protection from the associated dangers, collective protection (COLPRO), CBRN decontamination and post-incident contaminant removal.

Marshall works with some of the world’s leading suppliers of CBRN equipment to provide a fully integrated mobile solution, which can be fitted into our deployable expandable shelters or onto vehicles.

Vehicle engineering

Our vehicle engineering team carries out modifications to military and commercial vehicles, ensuring they are fit for the vehicle’s role. These include ambulance fits and special mission vehicles such as Counter-IED, Explosive Ordnance and Electronic Counter Measures.

In partnership with the vehicle OEM, customer and end user, we design and manufacture solutions that we integrate onto the vehicle body and enhance vehicle survivability, including armouring and riot protection equipment.

We have delivered more than 7,000 vehicle logistics systems on time and to specification. Our loadbeds account for the rigours and stresses of operations offering low torsion load beds through to state-of-the-art zero torsion systems for the most specialist and delicate of loads.


Marshall has provided part-task simulators for the aerospace industry for many years.

Recently it has capitalised on its knowledge base to develop a driver trainer simulator for the British Army’s AJAX armoured vehicle programme. Working as part of a team led by XPI, part of the Thales Group, we are providing static and full-motion simulators.

We are also providing the shelters for the AJAX turret trainer solution, including full after-action analysis facilities. These fully replicate the layout or can link to the vehicle to input imagery and situational awareness to train crews in their own environment.

In-service support solutions

We have a proven track record of providing comprehensive in-service support solutions for numerous deployable systems throughout the world, including a number within operational areas. Our support activities are fully focused on enabling the user to achieve and sustain maximum capability, system availability and cost effectiveness throughout the life of the programme.

As no two programmes exist in exactly the same context of operational deployment, logistics supply, maintenance environment and commercial considerations, we devote considerable time to understanding your needs and providing bespoke support solutions that optimally match your requirements.

White Papers

  • Land Systems MADG Brochure

    At the heart of Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group's (MADG) capabilities are design, development, systems engineering and project management of complex, integrated workspace and vehicle systems for defence and security applications. 

  • Deployable CT Scanner

    In 2008, Marshall Land Systems, specialists in complex systems integration working with Philips Healthcare, leading industry experts in CT, developed the first deployable CT scanner for the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO).

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