Tasco Gun Cleaners and Lubricants and Gun Care Products

Tasco is the Australian distributor of leading gun cleaning and gun care products including the M-PRO 7 and Hoppe’s Elite brands.

Gun cleaners and lubricants for the military and law enforcement sectors

M-Pro 7’s complete weapon maintenance system is designed to preserve weapon integrity enhancing reliability, performance, service life and operator safety. Gun cleaning time is reduced by up to 80% as the M-Pro 7 lubricant repels dirt, sand, carbon and other contaminants, while the M-Pro 7 gun cleaner conditions the bore to reduce future fouling.

M-Pro 7 gun cleaner uses aerospace technology to break up and separate carbon particles on a molecular level from the bore steel allowing the carbon and embedded fouling to be easily brushed out. Superior M-Pro 7 lubrication decreases friction and wear providing long lasting corrosion protection. All M-Pro 7 gun cleaning products are odorless, non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, non-flammable and can be commercially transported worldwide.

Gun care products

Developed specifically for law-enforcement and military firearms that must undergo intense, high-volume shooting sessions and endure long periods between cleanings, our new M-PRO 7 products are the most advanced gun care solutions on the market. When you push your gun to extremes, use extreme care.

  • Ultra-deep-cleaning formulas
  • Specifically formulated to endure harsh enviroments
  • Conditions as they clean
  • Completely non-toxic and odour-free

Gun lubricants and protectants

More than just gun oil, LPX is the next generation of lubricant and protectant for advanced military and law enforcement-style handheld and crew-served weaponry used in extreme conditions. The highest possible protection against wear, humidity and moisture, including salt water; LPX leaves a long-lasting film that repels dust / dirt and will not evaporate – excellent for long-term storage.

  • Replaces and outperforms traditional gun oils, CLPs and dry lubes
  • Combines high quality synthetic oils and LPX additives
  • Unique technology is resistant to evaporation, separation and gumming
  • Formulated from technology with the lowest known friction coefficient
  • Cleans surface fouling without the use of solvents
  • Meets requirements of MIL-L-63460 revision “E”

Gun cleaning fluid

Hoppe’s Elite gun cleaning fluid penetrates deeper and cleans faster than any other product. Originally developed to clean weapons on the multi-million dollar F16 fighter, Hoppe’s Elite is the most advanced and efficient gun-care technology on the planet. Hoppe’s Elite gun cleaning fluid penetrates deep into steel’s molecular pores to pull out an astonishing 98% of fouling on the first pass of the brush. With coninued use, it can also condition a weapon’s bore and reduce cleaning time. 

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Unit 6, Winbourne Estate

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Brookvale NSW 2100



61 2 9938 3244 61 2 9939 2972

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